Goldpoints Increases the Value of Points!

Kudos where they’re do, and what a contrast to Hilton’s January points devaluation.

Loyalty Traveler lays out the significant point reductions that Goldpoints Plus is requriing for free nights at their top-end hotels:

The cost for a free night reward in the top three categories of their six hotel reward tiers has dropped. Over 300 hotels at the top of the Carlson hotel chain require fewer points for free night rewards.

The highest Gold Points Plus category-6 rewards were 90,000 points for a free night and are now only 60,000 points. In addition to lowering points at the high end categories, the program has eliminated FlexNights which were a 50% premium for peak demand rewards.

To repeat: Top tier hotels have dropped from as high as 135,000 points for one free night to 60,000 points for a free night. This is certainly a move in the right direction for loyalty travelers. All you Hilton HHonors people looking for loyalty love may want to check out what Carlson Hotels and Gold Points Plus offer.

I haven’t paid much attention to Goldpoints in years. They were great for signing up under the hotel program, then using the shopping portal in December, 2001 to purchase magazines through Valumags, and transferring the miles earned out to one of many different frequent flyer programs. Well, the December 2001 holiday promo is long past, they since doubled the points required to transfer to airlines miles, shut down the mileage mall, and severed ties with TGI Fridays. (Yes, Goldpoints served as a dual loyalty program for TGI Fridays and Radisson hotels, although the benefits differed slightly, Radisson then further differentiated by rebranding as Goldpoints Plus and now that’s all that’s left.)

Goldpoints has an offer for free silver status, and at least in Europe, Middle East, and Africa they really get the concept of loyalty — all elite members are welcome at their hotels, any time, for use of free wireless and a couple complimentary cups of coffee or hot chocolate.

Now, on the whole I don’t have much interest in Radisson, Park Place, or Country Inns and Suites. But I have to give real props to a program that’s increasing the value of its points and doing more to benefit members.

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  1. My Gold Points just gained value. Refreshing to hear 🙂
    It’s all backwards though I have 50k in Gold Points and over one million with Hilton.Couldn’t it be the other way around?
    It’s interesting that after so many years at failed loyalty efforts Gold Points might finally be smelling the coffee. Just when I thought there couldn’t be hope in the horizon this program may have some light at the end of the tunnel
    Despite what some folks perception of Radisson may be the Radisson Blu (SAS) properties overseas can be a superb value with solid 4 star highly attractive comfortable properties that feature helpful service and an exceptional breakfast. Typically buffet style. Sometimes the rate can be excellent. Surprisingly they have excellent service standards and if it hasn’t changed
    100% satisfaction guarantee. The guest must be satisfied with their stay. I will definitely give them a look again in the near future on some select stays

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