Great Story About Passengers Getting Kicked Off Spirit Airlines, I Hope It’s True

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  1. Sorry but the concierges that make “introductions” to drug dealers are drug dealers themselves. It is not like they are doing it for free. They get paid either by the tourist or a kickback from the dealer to make these drug transactions go through, so they are in fact drug dealers as well.

  2. Only a complete tool would fly to Mexico from the USA to get cocaine when Colombia, Peru and Bolivia are so close.
    Fentanyl laced cocaine has been dropping Libby’s out since 2019.

  3. @Flyinghigh

    Drug dealers and cartels wouldn’t exist if conservatives realized drug laws are the government telling us what we can and can’t do to our own bodies. If conservatives woke up, leftist drug laws couldn’t be enforced. Cartels and gangs would be out of business, cops could focus on real safety, half of prisons and jails would close, human trafficking would become a lot harder, and people wouldn’t have to deal with dangerous dealers. All people who want to do drugs are already doing them. Buying them in a drug store would allow correct dosing and high quality product.

    You’re right that all people who OD are libs. It’s why I oppose when lib politicians or neo cons complain about the epidemic of overdoses. It’s not a negative. It’s an intelligence, emotional stability, and morality test. The only problems real conservatives have is obesity and alcohol (in line with libs).

  4. @Jackson is too stupid to realize it’s the backward redneck Red states that still disallow minor drugs like marijuana. The smarter Blue states of course (the makers and GDP drivers in the US, not the Red state takers) have mostly legalized it.

  5. @Jackson Waterson

    Without anti-drug laws the private prison industry would dry up and most police forces would no longer have a convincing argument for their massive budgets. The folks who profit most from the current system have no interest in effecting meaningful change. They have no motivation to “wake up” as it would seriously impact their bottom line.

  6. To suggest that addicts and those who overdose have any particular political affiliation is silly and plain untrue. They call Oxycontin “hillbilly heroin”. How many hillbillies are liberal? About zero.

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