The Greatest Questions in All of Travel

I tried this last month and it was really useful.

The best questions in all of travel are yours.

Your suggestions turn out to be a great jumping-off point for posts. So I would love to hear what you’re thinking.

  • What have your travels been like this week?
  • What are you wondering, or what would you like to know?
  • Booked any great awards?
  • How’s your team doing?

The comments are yours to do with as you wish, please express yourself, and I may drop in here or there with answers — but I don’t know the answer to everything, so hopefully the wisdom of crowds being what it is perhaps one of your fellow readers will know what I do not.

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  1. Gary,

    In a prior post about the expiration of various mileage currencies you indicated that Lufthansa miles expire 36 months from when they are earned unless you hold their co-branded credit card and use it every month without fail. Can you elaborate on when this credit card activity needs to occur, i.e. beginning in the 36th month after the miles were earned, beginning in the moth that the miles were earned, etc. Thanks.

  2. Hi, Gary, I’m thinking of Summer time YVR (or SEA) to Italia (Milan,Rome etc) or German/Switzerland 3 economic class, I have some US Dividened miles left, I know it’s only few weeks out and it’s peak travel season to Europe or US, spend some time search but can’t find any useful(mostly BA through London). Can you pls give me suggestions for which airline combinations?
    Thank you so much!

  3. At the last minute I was able to book a 26 day, 9 country, 13 city trip before UA devalued. All hotels were booked on points, most with Carlson’s B1G1 CC deal. All trains paid with Arrival points as well. This is actually our first ever international trip and I think it turned out pretty awesome. We’ll be back to SE Asia for a longer trip though. BKK will be interesting this summer.

    DEN-LAX (WN) Overnight stay
    LAX-FRA (LH I 747-8 upstairs) (2 week stopover: Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, Luxembourg, Heidelberg, Frankfurt)
    FRA-BKK (TG I A380 upstairs) Destination
    BKK-KUL (Arrival points)
    KUL-SIN (night train)
    SIN-CTU-SFO (CA Domestic F, UA C 787)

  4. I’ve been looking at private jet empty leg travel as a fun way to take a short notice vacation. Do you have any experience with these trips?

  5. Just want to say thanks for introducing me to The Game. You were kind enough to email me notification of a CX F seat opening up when I was in Hong Kong a few years ago. Because of that, I am now sitting on 3.3 million miles, with the next year’s three international vacation trips already ticketed. We are leaving in one week ORD-LIS (Iberia J with Avios via Iberia Plus) and return HAM-FRA-ORD LH F (LH M&M MC + SPG transfer). Made sure to schedule a nice long layover to enjoy the FRA FC Terminal and collect my duck! Husband says that’ll be the trip highlight for him.
    I earned a boatload when BankDirect was lucrative (learned about them from you), churn credit cards (spreadsheet tracks 21), charge all business expenses, pay taxes with Delta Suntrust Debit Card, max out the Chase 5x office bonus, use BlueBird (miss VRs but at least I have a friendly WM) and have started to use Evolve Money. I bought a new car at Christmas and told them I wouldn’t buy it unless they let me charge it, and they did! Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria, in your neck of the woods. Put the whole thing on AMEX Platinum.
    If there is anything else I can do, please let me know!

  6. Any YYZ connection experts?
    Flying in to YYZ Intl on AY and out on AA to USA on a Friday afternoon/evening, both Terminal 3. So that I don’t have a 12 hr overnight layover, I’m thinking about changing flights to a tight 1 hr connection. No checked bags. Is this doable?
    I guess there were a bunch of changes over a year ago to the Intl to US connection scheme which caused issues, but I can’t find any updates to find out if the process is quicker/better now.

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