Group Of Women Pregame At Airport Security, Since TSA Won’t Allow Their Alcohol Through Checkpoint

A group of young women flying to Miami tried to bring a bottle of alcohol through the TSA checkpoint. The bottle was flagged because it was more than 100 milliliters of liquid, and not inside a plastic freedom baggie.

In my experience when TSA stops someone with a bottle of water they’ll ask the passenger if they want to drink it or throw it away? These women weren’t going to let a perfectly good buzz go to waste. So they all passed around the bottle taking swigs, in order to be able to fly.

One might even argue that this video shows how TSA liquid rules incentivize passengers to drink too much prior to flying. It would have been against the law for these passengers to drink their own alcohol on the plane. Wouldn’t it be better to let them take it to their final destination? Fortunately there’s no followup showing incidents in the passenger cabin following the group’s pre-security pregame.

(To be clear while I saw this video posted by the ‘Humans of Spirit Airlines’ Instagram account, there’s no indication that these are actually Spirit Airlines passengers.)

Many airports have restaurants that sell alcohol to go. The TSA isn’t keeping alcohol out of the passenger cabin. They simply ban liquids over a certain amount, and this alcohol is in liquid form. Something tells me that if these women had the time and cash they likely continued altering their consciousness in one form or another inside security.

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  1. If they weren’t going to drink it on the plane it would have been stowed in their luggage…..

  2. So what? They are adults and caused no issues in the airport or plane as I’m sure you dug around hoping to find. So this is a non story, not keen insight into some evil of TSA. As for this comment, aren’t you being judgmental?

    Something tells me that if these women had the time and cash they likely continued altering their consciousness in one form or another inside security.

    Something tells me if I had the time and cash, you’d be the last person I’d want to hang out with to have a good time. “Altering their consciousness.” Wow. Lighten up.

  3. I don’t know how clueless one must be to not realize TSA is going to stop a bottle from going through. Other than that, though, so what! They clearly are having fun, just as clearly not causing trouble. There is absolutely no reason to take a judgemental attitude towards them.

  4. People continue to act like monkey’s butts and we wonder why flying has deteriorated to this level.
    Just grow up.

  5. AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY NO ONE ABSOLUTELY GIVES A F*** WHWT ANYONE THINKS OF ANYONE ANYMORE… call it Judgemental attitudes, as a culture so many people have turned into PATHEDIC lil B****es, equivalent to elementary school kids fighting over who called who what and wouldn’t share common space without intending on bringing others down to your own PATHEDIC lonely adventureless dull boring piece of s*** lives. If people start trouble that’s one thing, take em down!! But as far as the rest of us whom actually seek fun, HAPPY tasteful adventure joyous times with those still in favor off doing so, whom refuse in taking part of such clearly s*** fake jackoff media ran character bashing unregulated narritives we all know and call “CANCEL CULTURE ” please very unkindly —– F*** off. (((( BURN!!!!!!!!!! ))))

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