Half the World’s Airline Catering Changing Hands and British Airways Make Good to Fired Flight Attendants

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  1. Ugh. There is a big difference between riding on a private place once the single cited example was between remote WV and MO (good luck getting a nonstop otherwise) and literally owning a plane and using it regularly and actually through her husbands other LLC’s a real PJ (and i’m assuming she has no direct ownership of that since it’s not disclosed). Can’t really blame Gary for not knowing as it’s only known to a pretty small circle but I’m really disappointed in Politico for not doing some better journalism on this. Her husbands main company Sugar Creek Capital has made hundreds of millions on tax mitigation programs and it’s really silly to call her opponent a hypocrite for taking a plane ride once or twice when Clare has done it hundreds of times, even on shuttle routes like STL and DC.

  2. Oh and I’m all for private travel if you can afford it but to be a public official and not disclose it clearly to voters is what’s the real problem.

  3. (it’s bizarre to complain about foreign involvement in U.S. elections for instance). Um NO! This is just plain wrong! I expected better of you, Gary Leff!

  4. Interference in any elections is to be condemned. Just because the USA has done it for so many years, doesnt mean people should just sit back.

  5. That guy may have found himself alone on the plane but that plane wasn’t going anywhere either. All the overhead bins are open which means that plane wasn’t in flight. Anyone can do this show with a plane sitting on the ground. Now doing it in the air…THAT would be impressive.

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