Here Come The Flex Cuffs For Passenger With Microphone Ranting About Covid

A Delta Air Lines flight attendant brought out the yellow flexcuffs to subdue a passenger who brought her own microphone on board in order to rant at the cabin about the origin of Covid-19.

Another crewmember insisted she sit down but the woman ignores this and unleashes her thoughts on unwilling seatmates. That flight attendant managed to handle the situation with help from a passenger and so no zip ties were actually used. During the dispute the passenger with the mic says “I don’t need to be cuffed” “I’m completely harmless” and “I’m not terrible to look at.”


someone come get her

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The sad thing, to me, is that we never actually found out the woman’s theory about how the pandemic really began. It had something to do with faith and the internet, with people spending too much time on their devices. In the end the woman declares “my dog has better sense than any of you, in fact my dog would be a better god” for you than what you have. The passenger who filmed the incident reported buying inflight internet just to post the video.

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  1. How about that? An airline flight attendant making a mild arrest on the airplane? I thought that was law enforcement’s job.

  2. Foolish woman! These days you’re supposed to deliver unhinged rants about Trump, COVID, or whatever other topic tickles your fancy online, like Gene. If you behave like that in the real world, only handcuffs and humiliation await.

  3. Q-tRump and his moral coward enabler comrades in the Q-tRumplican cult party have made it OK to act out & conduct yourself like an a**hole in other peoples expense. Its who they are, what they do & how they do it.

  4. @Franky A sad and broken clown, calling out other sad and broken clowns. You make stupid look so easy.

  5. Whatever happened to just simply duct-taping shut the passenger’s mouth, and duct-taping the passenger to the seat?

  6. How sad that she is unstable enough to think a captive audience in the tight quarters of a plane would want her to drone on about whatever and that the crew would allow this “free entertainment.” She belongs on a street corner where people are free to stop or keep walking…..

  7. Why is it women doing this? Used to be old white men. Saw a women outside a goodwill store doing the same thing. Citing scripture that we are all safe as God will protect us. Then she got into her car and put on her seat belt. Guess God is not going to save her from her own driving.

  8. @Flying While High Again

    Your name says everything about you…..stupid is stupid does…..

    @Franklin Souze

    The GQP is all about stupidity…most Americans get it.

  9. @Flying While High Again
    You do mean the “Sad and Broken Clown”, Donald J. Chump don’t you.
    Just another “Chump Fool” on this site.

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