Here’s What It’s Like To Travel Today, According To People On Social Media

If you want to experience truly crazy, read the comments on airline Facebook posts sometime. If you want a slightly higher level of discourse, but still get a sampling of what it’s like for the median traveler, reader “tweets & replies” on an airline’s twitter account.

Sometimes when I have a few spare moments I’ll scroll through American Airlines, United and Delta just to see what’s out there.

  • Little touches of human kindness and connection go an incredibly long way. Airlines shouldn’t forget that they’re not just in the ‘moving self-loading cargo from one city to another’ business, they’re in the hospitality business.

  • If it’s been two weeks, how is she even still alive?

  • They spent the first day of their honeymoon together yet the day was totally wasted. Anyone want to lay odds on the relationship?

  • There are no entry restrictions into Mexico. United by the way gave them incorrect advice about getting a refund…

  • This is baggage claim at Newark. And neither United nor American guarantee bag delivery times the way that Delta and Alaska do. This is why neither United nor American guarantee bag delivery times the way that Delta and Alaska do.

  • The question, though, is – did the alcohol still work?

  • Only 3 hours on hold waiting for Delta? You must be a SkyMiles Diamond member. Trying ringing Singapore reservations.

    Likely a mere Platinum:

    An obvious Gold elite. When we find a general member, it’s time to e-mail Ed Bastian.

  • There a DOT ‘tarmac delay rule’. You weren’t trapped. You deplaned twice already.

  • Great feature of Georgia hospitality, another amenity that Delta provides for its customers.

Usually the American twitter feed has ten times more problems (and fifteen more crazy problems) than either United or Delta. The past 24 hours strike me as an outlier, not just for the distribution of complaints but for the absolute lack of video depicting a WWE grudge mask re-enactment on board a commercial flight.

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  1. FYI, the going proactive Delta compensation for an actual 1:20 tarmac delay following a 3 hour mechanical delay including plane swap that led to no available gate when we got to VPS (stairs were apparently not an option) is a whopping 5000 SkyMiles. Considering it’s 2500 miles for it taking 21 minutes to get a bag to carousel, this seems a little stingy.

  2. Who seriously thinks champagne has an expiration date like that on the bottle? It’s likely bottling date. This person sounds like a Karen.

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