Hilton Employee Walks In On Guest Getting Out Of Shower With A ‘Fire Alarm’ Story

We usually think of hotel room safety as an issue just for women. It’s not. Men need to take precautions, too.

Last month we saw a Hilton manager breaking into a guestroom and sucking a man’s toes. Now there’s a story from a Hilton guest of a front desk associate trying to get into his room as he was coming out of the shower.

A 25 year old man says he was staying at a Hilton Home2 Suites. He met a front desk agent at check-in and asked whether the hotel had a business center. It does, but the employee said the computer “has so many firewalls it wasn’t worth using” and offered his e-mail address to send documents to for printing. The employee “offer[ed] his hand” and they parted ways. Sounds like good customer service… Expect,

[L]ater that evening, I hear a very light couple of knocks on my door. I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed as I heard these. I then hide around the corner because I had a feeling someone was going to try to enter. Sure enough, the door opens.

THANK GOD I had the latch locked. Whoever opened the door closed it and then finally knocks again with more force —a knock that a normal person would actually [hear].

I walk to the door and see that it’s the same front desk employee from earlier. I’m dressed by this point and open the door. He claimed he got a notification the fire alarm went off in my room.

The fire alarm had… not gone off. One commenter responded to this guest on Reddit, “Maybe it’s a particular type of alarm…a gaydar?”

Front desk employee entering room.
by u/ceti-454 in Hilton

Others suggested this was an Honors Diamond perk, while a self-described Marriott Bonvoy Platinum said his chain “always sends up a bear from grindr.” I just think the employee flagged the reservation rate with the wrong package, he’d just booked extra points.

Always lock the door and dead bolt if there is one, as well as the latch. None of these are secure in the event of an invasion but will delay even a determined intruder and give you time to collect your wits and perhaps call for help.

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  1. What did you think they mean in the room description when they say “walk in shower” LOL

  2. Gary, saw it on Reddit and there was a follow up post from perspective of the desk clerk. Likely a joke and posted from both perspectives for humor.

    Suggest in the future you not take things from Reddit seriously and double check any source.

  3. Assuming that Gary wants to publish fair and unbiased content, then my complaint with this post here is “Hilton” in the headline. Two loosely-related episodes at different properties but same brand doesn’t make the brand relevant in the headline. In the details, yes. But unfair to tarnish the brand without a definitive trend in evidence. “Hotel employee…” would be more fair to the story and to the franchisor. To name the brand in the headline in this case sounds like an intentional slight or dig at the brand. I could say more, but I hope you get the point. I’m not a Hilton employee or even a rewards member, just an ex-journalist who misses the old editorial standards.

  4. I’m a Marriott Platinum and they certainly don’t send up any bears from Grindr (albeit I don’t use Grindr). I usually have to hunt them myself on Growlr.

  5. Oh la la! You Americans are so…puritan!
    That was long time ago but I remember having sex when traveling in ( puritan) India with a malehousekeeper(Intercontinental) and a receptionist who came in my room to fix an aircon issue ( ( Hyatt, one of your favorite chains !)
    That was unexpected, friendly and FUNNY !

  6. For me, it was a late afternoon check-in in Madrid. The hotel was small and the clerk showed me to the room. Although I planned on going out right away I didn’t see the city to the following day. The day after that, the airline lost my luggage. Maybe that was why I was still smiling!

    Writing this made me remember the time I learned about wigs in Memphis. Oh brother.

  7. @Aramis Really? If you want! Much more interesting than miles redemption or free breakfast offers, indeed !

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