Hilton’s Bold “Slay” Ad Sparks Conservative Outrage [Roundup]

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  1. I don’t know anything about the word “slay” but if this bugs people who follow a convicted rapist then I’m all for it.

  2. Right Chris, nobody should do this. But Bill was stupid, and doubly so for lying about it. Still, there is a difference between strongly encouraging and (allegedly repeatedly) forcing yourself. But then old Donnie has betrayed everybody who ever trusted him, wives, contractors, bankers, attorneys, even a veep who he would have seen murdered (slayed?) for following the law.

  3. Good for Hilton. I have been a member for many many years. Screw conservative uneducated backward MAGA republicans . Let them stay at Motel 6 where they belong. This is 2024 and time to stomp out STUPID at every corner. They are soon to be a dying breed. Go Hilton!!

  4. Ahh, the cult of useful idiots once again projecting their willful ignorance. So easily triggered. Now they want to cancel Hilton.

  5. As someone who leans right it’s so odd to hear how lefties like Gary Leff interpret and portray conservatives. People on the left have really no clue about the right. They don’t read the right, don’t listen to conservatives on the radio, etc. Yet lefties have massive opinions about the right. I haven’t heard a peep from the right about this commercial. In general the right doesn’t care. Gary Leff is a fool politically. So much click bait in his posts. I feel bad for his employer for how much time he wastes each day on his blog

  6. Pax flying the world’s #1 PREMIUM airline should be thankful they’re allowed to breathe the air onboard! DL needs to begin charging for water so they can maximize profit for their shareholders and afford all those well deserved pay raises to their employees.

  7. Most of the outrage is manufactured outrage by leftist commentators to drum up any controversy they can. I doubt most conservatives have seen this commercial, and given how we have race mixing propaganda and lgbt propaganda pushed in our faces every other commercial despite blacks being 13% of the population but in 50% of the commercials, I highly doubt most conservatives would pay attention to this ad. Conservatives have lost confidence in every large corporate institution so these type of commercials are not out of the blue. It is funny how Paris has only been rehabilitated in the eyes of the mainstream media once she spoke out about supporting abortion and all the evil things.

    It is a shame glorifying sin is the standard nowadays in ads but that’s to be expected.

  8. @ Gary — Delta: seven long-haul business class seat designs, five of which suck. United: one very nice business class seat design. Which airline is more premium?

  9. @ David Arnett. Please elaborate on the sin of “race mixing.” It would be helpful for you to cite the appropriate New Testament passage in your response. Also, thanks for all of your hard work counting the number of blacks across all commercials. It must have taken forever.

  10. Gary, I think you need to be more precise as to the term, “Conservative.” There are many rational McCain/Reagan Republicans who, while considering themselves Conservatives, probably care little about this ad. Perhaps clarifying with the term, “MAGA Conservatives” would be more apropos. Or insurrectionists if you dare. Yes, this would make their heads explode.

  11. So one MAGA woman and the 999,999 voices in her head don’t like the ad.
    I should care why?

  12. Not at all offended by the Hilton ad at all just don’t understand those acting in it and what the point is?The whole concept seems pathetic and can’t imagine a net positive impact in sales
    But I am getting older so maybe out of touch

  13. @Gene – Honestly I like the style of the United seat but find the cabin too dense and the seat a bit narrow, I like prefer American’s Super Diamond seat and even their 77W Cirrus seat better than both tbh [though less stylish]. The Delta Vantage XL seat isn’t great, but they were the second airline in the world offering doors (though they falsely claim to have been first).

  14. @ Gary — You’ll notice that I stopped short of calling Polaris seats “excellent or “great” or “best”. They are simply consistent and quite nice. Having seven products is not consistent, even if some of those seats are outstanding.

  15. Mmmmm – Forget the Hilton ad, which is meh. Me and Mrs. Leff want to know why someone has been been trolling a queer website doing “research”…

    Also worth noting, any time an article quotes the SPLC, you know it’s BS. That organization went down the tubes so long ago, only the True Believers think it stand for anything anymore other than filling it’s off-shore bank accounts with more money from gullible donors.

  16. Of course someone dumb enough to call themselves TexasTJ projects when it’s his guy who has actually been convicted of rape and has dozens of other pending counts.

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