Hitler Discovers the British Airways Devaluation

This week British Airways announced a significant devaluation that mostly affects mileage accrual on all but the most expensive premium fares, premium cabin redemptions, and elite status earning.

Fortunately for how I use their points, it does not affect spending points for cheap short distance non-stop flights on their partners. Flights under 650 miles remain just 4500 points each way in economy. So my DC-New York and DC-Chicago roundtrips remain just 9000 points roundtrip.

Whenever something really bad happens, Hitler learns about it. Apparently the Downfall meme is still a thing. Although in this instance I would have guessed Hitler was member of Lufthansa’s Miles & More.

(HT: Flyertalk)

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  1. I suppose some will say I have no sense of humor, but having been to Auschwitz, I don’t find Hitler funny. Ever.

  2. “Hitler finds out” or “learns that..” has been an ongoing meme with subtitles edited into the ‘Downfall’ film.

    Personally (and for whatever it’s worth, I’m Jewish and have known many holocaust survivors) I think the ironic treatment of Hitler is one of the ways that take revenge and take power from him. If this was the only portrayal of Hitler, that would be one thing, but our historical memory is and should be paired with remembering the evil done. Watch these videos, but visit the Holocaust Museum, too.

  3. Totally not funny and completely inappropriate! You should be ashamed of yourself! Having had family killed in the holocaust it is dispicable what you wrote and you should lose your rights to post here!

  4. Gary did nothing wrong here. If it offends you, go to another blog. This is funny. That doesn’t mean the Holocaust was funny or that Hitler is generally funny.

  5. As a Jewish person, I think this video is hilarious as well as many of the other Downfall edits. I love these videos that mock that jerk dead dictator. It’s a joke. It doesn’t mean the Holocaust was a joke. Quit being so butt hurt people.

  6. @Kevin B – To quote from the movie Stripes: Sergeant Hulka: Lighten up, Francis.

    He is using a movie (not actual hitler incase you didn’t know) to make a point. The faux outrage is bothersome and tired.

    Lighten up, Francis.

  7. if any bit of comedy were forbidden because it might collide with someone’s personal experience, the world would be a very unfunny place.

  8. If anyone deserves having our memory of them endlessly mocked and belittled, it’s definitely Hitler.

  9. This is question unrelated to Hitler. I’m debating whether to pay the ~$500 surcharge (and 50k avios) to fly in biz on BA’s 380 from Dulles to LHR (and then on to TXL). Kinda hard to stomach, but your thoughts if it’s worth it? Danke.

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