Hitler Expresses His Frustrations with the Star Mega DO

The Star Mega DO is approaching in a couple of weeks, it really is likely to be a truly special, amazing, once (or three times?) in a lifetime experience. But it’s quite a lot of effort to put together a charter flight, get everyone on the trip Hyatt Diamond status, coordinate flight simulator time with United, work with Hyatt on a series of receptions, get tours of aircraft facilities, set up buses, etc. And communicate all of the relevant details to folks coming on the trip.

So there are always going to be folks who are a bit concerned about some of the details, lots of questions get posted over at Milepoint in the discussion thread for the event. And though it’s incredibly inside baseball, I thought it worth passing along a video mashup that someone did capturing the handwringing that goes one. After all, folks who figure out the minutiae of frequent flyer programs will also reasonably want to dig into all of the particulars of what to expect on this trip that they’re gearing up for.

A Star Mega DO is really quite something, touring aircraft that haven’t been revealed to the public before, meeting with airline and hotel executives, partying on a charter flight. But some of the pieces come together at the last minute, and some of the ‘specialness’ winds up as a surprise.

There’s an online genre of Hitler videos, capturing a classic film on the last days of Hitler as he frustratingly looks at the direction of the war. And subtitles are added to provide a different storyline. You ignore the German, and watch the subtitles. Hitler has become frustrated with Sarah Palin, with Microsoft Windows… And now Hitler finds out about Star Mega DO 3

I especially love Hitler declaring,

I hate the new United. Jeff Smisek took my pillows and shrunk my cookies.

And the nervous secretary being consoled that she will get her Hyatt Diamond status…

(HT: Randy)

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  1. This video was hilarious, and timed perfectly given the level of “frustration” that some have experienced on the SMD thread. Personally, I can’t wait for whatever we do….heck, we can just fly around on a plane and drink Bud Light for all I care. As long as I get my Hyatt Diamond Status, of course! 😉

  2. Hilarious!!! I love those Hitler videos. Maybe this one will last more than two days before getting pulled.

  3. That was the best thing I’ve watched in weeks!!! Thank you so much for putting it together. I, especially, loved the “flyertalk get out” line…. yes!!… Milepoint all the way!

  4. OMG

    Yes, I too loved the “Flyertalk” line.
    WIsh I was going but alas, work interfers with fun.
    Following the One World stuff though

  5. This was brilliant! I haven’t been following the MP thread, but I did notice that I had not yet got Hyatt Diamond status.

    I loved the line about having an airport hotel without a shuttle bus!

  6. It is a hilarious video. We should give thanks and credit to LIH Prem (the MilePoint handle of the user who created it).

  7. As cute as that is clip is from the film “Downfall” (aka: “Der Untergang”), did you guys (including you Gary) get permission from Constantin Films and the copyright owners to use a 3.5 minute clip as a derivative work for the promotion of Flyertalk? Or are you just going to say “no, we’re giving them free-advertising” and “duh” posted it on YouTube, huck, huck, huck, yikkity-yack”?

    In reality, you’re promoting and participating in copyright infringement and are not paying ANYONE from that film for its use, including the EXCLSUIVE RIGHT to distribute it. And this goes without saying for the thieves at YouTube where your hosting it, and using the Flyertalk name to sap demand from an unfair competition of its use.

    Oh…..chill out man, right? “How ’bout life”, Gary.

  8. Diane, this is more than a little bit off-topic, but:

    1. I have not received any request from verified copyright holders to remove links to a video.
    2. I did not produce the video and I am not hosting the video.
    3. The copyright holders can generally request that YouTube remove it. My understanding is that they tend to comply and the process is hardly cumbersome.


    1. There’s clearly no dimunition of value here. The mashups of this movie have generated worldwide interest in the movie, from all corners, almost none of which had ever been aware of the movie before or otherwise. There is massive benefit to the stakeholders in the film, whether you or even they acknowledge it.
    2. This seems to hit the absolute core of fair use. The appropriation of imagery of Hitler’s last days, using Hitler’s voice, juxtaposed with commentary on modern phenomena is precisely what fair use it about — a small part of a work, for the purpose of social commentary.
    3. I’d separately make broader arguments about copyright law and intellectual property generally but those would be even farther afield from the topic at hand.

    Best regard, Gary

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