Honolulu Says Bring Your Own Toilet Paper Into Public Restrooms [Roundup]

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  1. Still pretty compulsory in China, went to 3 public toilets today and none had paper – not that I expected it, but I also didn’t expect to need to go twice in one day!

  2. When Robert Crandall was the head of American Airlines, he calculated that if they removed just one olive from every salad served to passengers, nobody would notice, and the airline would save $100,000 a year. Creative cost-cutting took off from there.

    Accordingly, American Airlines could follow the cost savings program from the Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation, asking park users to bring toilet paper when going to park bathrooms. Following the distinctive airline cost savings program started by Robert Crandall, if American Airlines removed the toilet paper from all aircraft lavatories, American Airlines should earn millions more for their shareholders and executive management bonuses. Just like removing one olive from every salad, nobody would notice the removal of toilet paper from aircraft lavatories. As a priceless elite benefit, American Airlines ConciergeKey elites will receive three sheets of complimentary two-ply toilet paper, served with their pre-departure beverage. American AAdvantage Executive Platinum elites and Emerald one-world status elites will receive two sheets of two-ply toilet paper. Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® World EliteTM MasterCard® cardholders can request (subject to availability) one sheet of two-ply toilet paper. Void where prohibited.

  3. So you managed to get your mom’s flying privileges suspended for two years, are afraid she’ll get fired if this escalates, and you’re going public again, though anonymously. Guess what? The number of Air Canada employees who have had their flying privileges suspended recently because of the actions of their daughter is in the single digits. As in one. One employee. They know who you are. And yet you’re still complaining. Publicly. To the press.

    Canadian Thanksgiving comes early. It’s going to be tense in at least one household between daughter and new unemployed mom.

  4. So a grown woman is so stupid that she can’t connect her obnoxious behaviour with the fact that her mother works for the airline? You can’t make this stuff up.

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