HOT DEAL: Free 2-Day Weekend Car Rental from Avis

A week and a half ago I wrote about how you can get instant and free car rental status from Avis and from National.

PointsCentric points out that when you sign up for your Avis status you will be given a free 2-day weekend car rental.

[W]hen I got my confirmation email from Avis above, notifying me of my Avis First status, it included the perk of a free weekend rental! No previous rentals required! That email happened a few days ago but I waited to blog about until I received the coupon code and could test whether it works and it does.

Sign up online for Avis First status. You’ll need to enter a MasterCard credit card as your payment choice.

Just pay attention to the welcome email!

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  1. I went through the above a week ago but I never received a welcome email. I did get Avis First upgrade. Any way to get the welcome email resent?

  2. Went through the sign up but didn’t see anything about the 2 free days. Only have an email for the avis preferred signup but when I login it does say Avis First

  3. Got the email a couple of weeks after activating Avis First. It’s not right away they send it.

  4. After you activate your Avis First account (check your spam folder for the directions to activate the account), you will receive a separate email that has a coupon code. If you misplace this email, you can also log in to, on the top center there is a tab titled “coupon details.” Your coupon code appears there, too.

  5. I still have Avis President’s Club status from a long ago CO Presidential Card. I keep expecting it to go away,but it hasn’t. Two questions:

    1) Is President’s Club or Avis First better?
    2) Could I sign up a new account and get the free weekend?

    Open to other ideas or questions I should have asked here 😉

  6. Using my AA Executive MC, I was sent an email welcoming me to Avis Preferred.. not Avis First.

    Checking the Avis First site, it says I’m not a member.

  7. @mogon presidents club is better, but yes i don’t see any reason why a new account wouldn’t get the weekend. i’ve never tried adding the same drivers license to two accounts so some small chance it wouldn’t work i suppose

  8. Thank you for this post! I did sign up for the free Avis First and thought I had activated it, but I had to sign on to to activate it correctly. Now I can see that I will be getting the coupon code (thanks Jonathan for the tip).

  9. @Gary, thanks. I wonder if they cross-check drivers license #s, even if one changes the rest of the contact info.

  10. Just another data point…Signed up and got the activation e-mail. When I log into, it shows I’m Avis First. However, when I go to it says I’m not an Avis First member.

  11. @Tony – I’m having the same thing happen to me. I used my existing non-status Avis account and upgraded it to Avis First. But, who knows if I’ll actually get the free rental certificate.

  12. Is there a “use by date” or expiration date on the free weekend rental coupon? Not sure how soon I would be able to use this

  13. I signed up but my status hasn’t changed. Yet my credit card shows a $1.50 charge pending from Avis on Aug 28. How long is it taking others for their accounts to update?

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