Hotel CEO Complains Workers Make Too Much Money

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  1. According to the Accor article, French employers–Accor hotels, for example–have to pay ‘social charges”, and that is what the Accor CEO wants reduced. . ‘Social charges’ is a tax on the employer @ 17.5% a year, per employee. At first glance it appears a lot, especially compared to what US employers pay (7.65%) –until you realize that these ‘social charges in France ALSO include health insurance coverage, sick days, pension, life insurance, childcare, and unemployment. Seems like a bargain for the French employers! Can’t understand why the CEO is griping.

  2. “Covid as an excuse” is wearing me down as well. It’s obvious that travel providers will use this lame-brain excuse for damn near anything they want to cut. I predict things will continue to go downhill until we all stop travelling for fun completely. Who wants to spend good money to be hasseled?? I can dine on good food and fine wine at home with a book or a movie. Just another little gift from our bureaucrats and politicians who created this economic disaster in the first place.

  3. Free hot breakfasts are a disgrace to the health conscious. Which is a lot of people nowadays. At least in educated, mostly coastal cities. Give me a hard boiled, organic pasture raised egg. An organic navel orange. An organic banana, an organic cold brew. That’s all I need. F*** the microwave reheated nonsense that’s being served up at Hampton Inns across the country.

  4. @KimmieA
    The social taxes in France are much much more than 17.5% as you claim. I lived in France for 26 years, so I lived the system.
    The system is extremely complicated. It depends on your family situation, the sector you are in, the options you choose, …
    You have employer & employee portions for everything & everything is itemized on the paystub.
    Also, employees can choose between the government minimum for healthcare & retirement or opt-in for additional coverages.
    If the base salary is 100, the total employer cost will be in the 140 to 170 range, and the take-home for the employee before income taxes will be in the 60s.

  5. I have a great comment, but I’m not going to post it due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

  6. @KimmieA, @Mike and @Wokeflyer #BLM

    Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State. C’mon, man!

  7. So, the CEO, Sebastien Bazin, who’s making only $2.5 – $3 million now instead of the $4 million (or so) he used to make in the “before times” (aka pre-Covid19 pandemic), and who also pockets $300,000 as a Board Member of General Electric (GE) is complaining the salary now demanded by regular staff is too high?

    Sacre blue!

    The nerve of those poor folks for demanding a living wage.

    Let them eat cake!

  8. Just try to fire an employee in France. DOES NOT HAPPEN. Once hired, you are there for life. France has the HIGHEST cost of workers then any other country in the world.

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