Hotel Cleans In-Room Glasses With Toilet Brush, and Did Delta Ban Alaska Employees From Seattle Pride Parade?

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  1. The polling data from that Skift story about Trump may be wrong — or just irrelevant. Just this week, Trump’s FEC filing showed that his candidacy has been GOOD for his businesses!

    This actually surprised me because I would think that his voters are not the people his businesses actually cater to. I would guess that the elites who stay in his hotels and buy into his real estate developments would shy away from having anything to do with the Trump name. But there are a lot of surprising things about the Trump candidacy, so who knows.

  2. I don’t like politics.. and Trump but I also don’t mind him either. But the’s so called survey is a farce. The link to survey’s methodology goes nowhere but to generic google survey page. Even Google admits that the polls are anonymous and they assume the age, gender, income category by browser history.

    Trump hotel is an upscale brand that caters to a different demographics. I don’t think the people who usually stay at Trump hotels are not the ones online filling out surveys. Trump hotels aren’t Hampton Inns or Hyatt Places. Hell, I make pretty good salary and I can’t afford to stay in Trump hotels.

    The real truth of his candidacy hurting his hotel business would be to compare the SEC filings of 2015 and 2016 and then we may be able to infer any loss of business has occurred since his running for political office, not some insignificant online survey of 2000+ people.

  3. Interesting story on Trump Hotels. I travel regularly to Panama and always stay at the Trump Hotel because it is reasonably priced, the accommodations are excellent and it very conveniently located. But I’m a conservative and this is one of the differences between lefties and conservatives… we generally don’t boycott everyone under the stars that we happen to disagree with politically. Lefties are in the business of punishing people for having the “wrong” ideology. There are some conservatives who engage in boycotts, but they usually don’t get much support because conservatives prefer to just let the market make the decisions. That may move us into the dinosaur category some day, but I sleep better knowing that I reward good service and good products by voting with my dollars.

  4. The story about dirty hotel glasses should be no surprise. Disposable plastic wrapped plastic cups – the kind found in many moderate and low priced hotels – are far cleaner than washed and reused glasses that more expensive hotels place in hotel rooms and bathrooms. For one thing, cloths used to wash and dry the glasses are often used for other cleaning purposes, too.

  5. BGO1:

    Target would love for you to get on to your high horse and talk to some sense into your conservative friends.. Come to think of it, maybe the Dixie Chicks and also every department store that wishes you a “Happy Holidays” too.

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