Hotel Clerk Pummels Guest Who Goes Nuts After Refusing Covid-19 Temperature Check

A front desk security camera at a hotel in Brazil caught a beat down that occurred between a guest and a check-in agent Saturday night after the 24 year old reception agent insisted on taking the customer’s temperature as they entered the property.

The man, who apparently objected to contactless thermometers the way some airline passengers feel about masks, seemed as though he was going to walk away and leave. He comes back and hits the employee with a pedestal and threw hand sanitizer as well.

That’s when the desk agent goes full on Bruce Lee in Fists of Fury on the customer. A woman enters the view and takes the beaten down man away and they drove off.

Click on the picture to watch the video:

Guy refuses to have his temperature checked, tries to beat the Hotel employee, gets his ass kicked. from r/PublicFreakout

The incident, which occurred in Varginha, in southern Minas, was reported to military police by the desk worker. The guest was tracked down and claimed to have been treated ‘rudely’ by the employee whom, he says, ‘demanded advance payment’ for the stay. Naturally, being asked for money up front (or to have funds held on a credit card) warrants the usual response of violence.

Reportedly the guest called the hotel several times after the altercation to threaten the desk clerk. I wonder how the call goes when asking to be transferred.

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  1. Good for the desk agent. That guy deserves a beating. Too bad more of this doesn’t happen in the US.

  2. I just HAD A FEELING that it was an American acting like a douche over this…Why would you object? Just stupid, you’re in a FOREIGN country, you follow THEIR RULES and furthermore, you’re in a PRIVATE establishment, again, don’t want to follow the rules go stay somewhere else! The line about it being over advance payment? BS…EVERYONE charges your card in advance of checking, places hold or requires cash up front! In some EU countries I understand they may be more lenient BUT that is because they HOLD YOUR PASSPORT at the desk and do not return it until you’ve settled up your bill upon checkout so you can’t stay elsewhere or go home either.
    Glad he got his ass kicked, he deserved it. Probably gets into crap with military over it too!

  3. Well I for one would NOT want this employee working for me. Lawsuit waiting to happen. Given these times of no guests and lack of tourism dollars, this seems pretty foolish.

  4. @Penny: your entire post is based on your baseless assumption that the guy was American. Are you also someone who has this line of thinking that American never try to learn foreign languages, and if so maybe he misunderstood the desk agent? This is as baseless as your post, of course.

  5. @Steve: do you also want your employee to hand the guy a knuckle brass so the jackass can beat him with it?

  6. I wish there was a reply function. @Steve says that he does not want that employee to work for him. Hmmm so you prefer that employee get beaten up instead? Sorry I wouldn’t want to work for you and not too many would either. Kudos to the employee for standing up and defending himself and then teach that guy a lesson or two.

  7. Don’t worry, Steve does not run a business. Nobody would want to work for him. You would be asking for a world of hurt.

  8. IMHO I thought the Front Desk Attendant was restrained! When that guy came in for close quarters combat it could have been even worse!

  9. @Penny where does it say he was American??? When I read the articles it says he frequents the place so it doesnt even sound like a tourist.

  10. Could watch this all day. The bully gets his ass kicked. Employee was very calm until he was attacked. I commend for his initial restraint and his ass kicking abilities once he was assaulted. Good work and we will mak3 you an honorary Canadian anytime. Can you skate? Lol

  11. Wow this made my day, especially after the week I’ve had listening to bitching people who are crying around that theres’s no breakfast, can’t use the pool, must wear a mask. Yes I work the front desk at a hotel and the nasties are out in full force. I had a guest come to the front desk last week and tear into a 20 year old college girl who has never been mean to anyone. Shame on you people, who cowardly run your mouth as nasty as you can to people who are underpaid and under appreciated. By the way, if someone comes swinging something at me and comes behind the desk, you can bet I will fight back, Steve. And I don;t know who would ever work for you.

  12. Too bad the clerk got the upper hand. People have had enough of this bs. You want this to be over? Start beating people. Enough sheep and karens start getting their asses kicked and it will end one way or another. We’ve tried talking, we’ve tried protesting. When all legal means fail the next logical step is to beat someone’s ass. If that doesnt work the next step is full on war!

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