Hotels Offer Waffle Makers To Guests With No Idea How To Use Them. Is That Safe?

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  1. If an adult guest can’t figure out how to use a waffle maker, then they should probably not be traveling on their own.

  2. It’s been rather amusing to see people at Scandinavian hotels struggle with using the waffle makers. If they don’t make a mess when pouring the batter, too many seem to not be able to understand basic instructions on how to use them after putting in the batter. For those who use the waffle-makers in such hotels, it can be necessary to stand around protecting the waffle maker after putting the batter in and starting the heating timer, as other waffle seekers may mess it up for you if you don’t protect your product the entire time.

  3. Counterpoint: Well my wife had to teach me to use her new coffee maker because I never drink that beverage. (This took 2 minutes.) So I guess there’s something to this topic. On the other hand I’m one of the few people around with a license to get paid transmitting Morse code from ship and shore stations. It’s required by treaty and I got it as a challenge. While there are a few museums and some hams doing this mode of communication, the number of commercial operations is zero.

  4. What a mess. I feel for the person that has to clean up this sloppy, sticky, gooey disaster. But hey, great to offer fresh cooked waffles.

  5. Microwave ovens and toasters cause many more fires in hotels than waffle makers…. There are no safety features on microwave ovens or toasters to stop someone from placing something in them that should not be in them, or overcooking something. Toasters also have exposed heating elements. Microwave ovens and toasters are also frequently within guest rooms/suites. Waffle makers are generally in common areas. Waffle makers are actually quite safe; they are pre-programmed for a certain(short) cooking cycle.

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