New Website Will Track Your Hotel Stays, Email You When Prices Drop To Save Money

HotelSlash will help you save money on hotel stays. You probably already know AutoSlash, which is how most people can save the most on rental cars. They apply all the best coupons and discounts, and then track your rentals and let you know when prices drop. (I’ve been using them since 2010.)

The people behind AutoSlash now offer I first noticed the site in private beta, just before the pandemic. They’re no longer private, but haven’t launched yet. Still, you can save a good deal of money on hotels.

Two ways to save:

  1. Book a refundable hotel reservation on whatever website you like –, Expedia, doesn’t matter. Have HotelSlash track it for you. They’ll keep searching for a better deal, and email you whenever they’ve found one.

  2. Book directly with them, they’ll find you the best rate, and keep checking for price drops.

HotelSlash is a third party website. You usually won’t earn hotel points or elite status credit booking through them. However I assume as a (free) membership site they can offer low rates not subject to hotel chain best rate guarantees. Sometimes they’ll have rates that are similar – go ahead and book direct if it’s a big chain hotel – and sometimes they’ll offer big savings. Regardless, have them track your rates and let them find savings for you.

Right now their direct booking is limited – you enter the hotel name and you can book it – rather than having the functionality to search hotels. Like I said, this isn’t public launch. They mentioned the site in the AutoSlash newsletter, and I asked if I could get an “Early Access” code for readers to use.

Use code VFTW to access HotelSlash, note that I do not receive anything if you do this, I simply wanted to get readers access to the tool.

Prices of hotels change all the time. Most people book and forget about it, but if you keep checking you can save. Hotel Slash does this work for you, and they know all of the discounts to check for as well.

hotelslash confirmation

Since I almost never book non-cancellable rates I plan to track all of my hotel reservations with Hotel Slash. There’s nothing to lose, and good savings as an upside.

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  1. Okura. I used to love that hotel, but now they have finished demolishing both of the original buildings 🙁

  2. I have successfully used AutoSlash to save money on rentals, so look forward to giving it a try for hotels

  3. @Jeff There are a few significant differences between HotelSlash and Pruvo:

    1. HotelSlash let you request a discounted rate quote and book direct from the get-go. Pruvo directs you to book elsewhere like and then track the reservation with them.

    2. Anything you book through HotelSash is automatically tracked for lower rates. I don’t believe this is the case with Pruvo.

  4. Hׂi @Jeff .

    Doron here, CMO of Pruvo.

    There are a few differences between Pruvo and Hotelslash

    1. Pruvo works with both 3rd party sites like Agoda, Booking, Expedia etc, along with direct bookings with Pruvo. We increase the size of our supplier pool in order to increase the chances of finding you a lower rate. Due to that, we don´t mind referring you to 3rd party sites as well. All we care about is finding you the lowest price possible.

    2. If your rebooked reservation is made directly with us, we automatically continue to track that reservation as well. So it is quite common for customers to receive multiple price drops throughout the booking window.

    3. Pruvo´s algorithm not only searches for the EXACT same room for a lower price, but also UPGRADED rooms at a lower price. So quite frequently, rooms initially booked without breakfast will be booked with breakfast. Standard rooms are frequently upgraded to Superior rooms.

    Hope that helps

  5. Hi @Jeff and @Jonathan

    Doron here from Pruvo. Just wanted to give my 2 cents about Jonathan’s comments about the differences between Pruvo and Hotelslash.

    1. The reason Pruvo doesn’t offer initial booking directly with us from the get go is because it defeats the whole idea behind why a post-booking price search service even works. If there was such a thing as ” a website that offers you the best price everytime”, then there would be no need for a service like Pruvo or Hotelslash. So it really doesn’t matter where you initially book. What matters is what happens AFTER you book. That is the reason why we don’t offer initial bookings via Pruvo

    2. Any rebooked reservations made via Pruvo are automatically imported to the system so that we can continue to monitor the price of the new, cheaper reservation. It is common to see with bookings with a large booking window (time between the date the reservation was made and the check in), that customers receive multiple price drop alerts, even after they rebooked a cheaper rate.

    Hope that helps clarify things. That said, the best test is to send the same booking to both Pruvo and Hotelslash and see for yourself the superior results Pruvo provides 🙂

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