How China Tends Bar To Foreigners In The Covid Era

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  1. Can’t tell if it’s a scene from Mad Magazine or the Simpsons. From visiting I know the government doesn’t fool around there, and their intentions may be good, but how long can 1.3 billion people be kept in a bubble?

  2. Although was decided years ago way before the pandemic started, what a crazy bad luck that 2 years in a row both a summer and a winter Olympics had to be in the craziest conservative region of the world regarding the public health situation.

    Really should have been swapped to braver parts of the world for these two

  3. The Chinese are WIMPS! They need to face their fear and die from Covid, just like we do. No one lives forever!

  4. The crazy thing about the Chinese bartender is he’s clearly inside of the Olympics bubble, otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to serve to foreigners at all. So he’s going to go through 2 weeks of isolation after the Olympics anyway, before being allowed home, but is still so afraid of catching something, he’s wearing full PPE…

  5. If you have visited China within the last 7 years, you’d understand why a bartender in full PPE during the Olympics during a pandemic is not at all surprising. We overnighted in Wuhan on November 12, 2019 at the end of a Yangtze cruise. I came down with a very ‘bad cold’ which we later realized was the virus. I was utterly terrified, not of being sick, but of being forced to stay in China to recover. China is so polluted, so overcrowded, so literally unbelievable that it boggles the mind. It’s difficult to understand why the populace still thrives in conditions like that. I have such compassion for the wonderful people of China and their living conditions. And I have a renewed appreciation for the USA. It is a great privilege to live here.

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