How Do Flight Attendants Not Speak Up To This? It’s Behavior In Their Workspace

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  1. Why is it always the responsibility of flight attendants to police bad behavior? I guess that is the norm today whenever liberals break every written and unwritten laws and guidelines.

  2. David Miller.

    For your stupidity and edification, white trash trumptards are creating moat disturbances in airlines.

    Your homework is to look up Dunning-Kruger and then hate your mother.

  3. One of many problems with the Nuclear-powered sky hotel, nuclear fusion is not yet a reality. And it doesn’t have retractable landing gear?

  4. K Helldodge – what are “moat” disturbances? I am sure you know all about “stupidity,” as your reply demonstrates. Do yourself a favor, go back to you “safe place” and let the adults answer my question.

  5. Can’t understand why some low budget people think everything is a political debate when it has zero to do with any of the articles!

    But in the case of the girl with her feet up on the back of her seat, I should think that’s a safety issue and should be something the flight attendants take a shoe with. The first thing that comes to mind is there a turbulence…..

  6. Politics aside (as if it was even relevant in this case), is the fact that this incident took place on Emirates. This jerk of passenger could easily file a complaint about the flight attendant, claiming that she was being harassed if asked to act like a normal person. Emirates flight attendants are volnurable to any complaint they might receive from passengers. A complaint (regardles of the complaint being justified or not) could have serious consequences on the fa‘s future career with the company. That‘s why they (the flight attendants) might pretend they don‘t see it….if it is not a safety issue.
    Now, if this was on an American – or European – airline….the bitch would undoubtedly have been told off by the crew.

  7. @Hashi “….something the flight attendants take a shoe with” Heh, heh, heh…..

  8. Flight attendants should be armed with squirt guns. Bad behavior should be awarded with a squirt. It worked for my kids’ fourth grade teacher! 🙂

  9. Why is your headline often MISLEADING and has NOTHING to do with the article itself ???

  10. With AA flights at T5 – If you were connecting from MAN/GLA/EDI – Not only did you not have to contend with the 15 min Bus ride from T5-T3 – you also didn’t have to re-clear Security. IMHO It was worth the payoff of not being able to access the Cathay Pacific/Qantas Lounge

  11. Looking forward to Russia weaning itself off of foreign planes, making their own. They have a great history of great planes.

  12. Doesn’t the water in the moat slosh to the back on take-off? Sounds pretty unstable. Maybe Bernie needs to add it to his suggestions.

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