How Do You Feel About Bare Feet on a Plane?

I believe — deeply — that male toes shoes never be seen in the office.

On Friday I tweeted that the same applies to airplanes.

I don’t ever want to see male toes on a plane. Thank you.

That was Friday. On Sunday I realized that women can take “comfy feet on the aircraft” too far as well.

Do you agree with me — does this go too far? Or are you one of the folks that do this, and would you care to enlighten me about what makes it ok?

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  1. Personally I think people taking their shoes off on a plane is fine PROVIDING they have socks. Fair enough if some people can’t stand feet then keeping socks on should be done out of courtesy regardless of the gender.
    To be honest it’s still showing bare flesh that should normally be covered, you wouldn’t expect shirts to be taken off on the plane.

  2. Really Gary? Haven’t we beat this to death already?! Every year at least we have this same post, and the same fight in the comments section…*sigh*

  3. If the freebie airplane socks are worn–which pretty much guaranties fresh and no odor–then there is no problem.

  4. While I find bare feet disgusting, it’s not like planes are clean (even in First). I bring Clorox wipes and wipe down everywhere I will touch something. What’s worse is the asswipes who cough over everything without covering their mouth – or piss on the bathroom floor/seats. Some real pigs in this world – and they seem to congregate in airplanes.

  5. OK for bare feet in your seat – but never walking around and absolutely not in the bathroom! On long haul flights, it can get uncomfortable, swelling, etc… So long as feet don’t smell, to each their own.

    What’s with the feet issues….2nd or 3rd time you’ve raised this. Maybe other issues?! : )

  6. 105 comments? I thought you were giving away a lounge pass or something!

  7. I wish a good looking woman with nice feet would rest her toes on my nose for the whole flight

  8. Oh, my God, they’re just feet! Get over it, people. As long as the person is keeping his/her feet to themselves, then how is it anybody’s business whether or not a passenger has taken his/her shoes off?

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