Pilot Explains Why He Quit and Cheap Australia Awards

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Video: naked guy puts his room service tray in the hall, then realizes he locked himself out of the room and can’t get in at least a year and a half old but still quite something.

  • ANA’s Australia awards

  • Eight Ways to Make Your Flight Better from the New York Times.

    Airlines will rarely put you up in a hotel room, and even if they do, Mr. Leff said, “I don’t want to stay in the hotels they’re offering.” He goes online and books himself a hotel room instead, then sends the receipt, along with receipts for meals, taxis or ride-sharing, to his credit card company.

    …In some ways, it’s “no different than dealing with the cable company,” said Mr. Leff.

    When delayed at the airport, he tries to look up flight alternatives himself because the agent at the gate or on the phone may suggest only itineraries that the average traveler would want. Sometimes, Mr. Leff said, when a phone agent says “We have nothing available,” what he or she really means is “nothing a sane person would want is available.”

    As a rule of thumb, if he doesn’t get the answer he’s looking for, his maxim is “Hang up; call back.” He says it’s the frequent flier’s version of “If Mom says no, ask Dad.” You can also talk to an agent at the gate, at a check-in counter, at a kiosk, or in a lounge.

    “So often people feel powerless in travel,” Mr. Leff said. “Having a few of these tactics just changes that mind-set.”

  • Charter jet almost hit four planes while landing in Philadelphia

  • Love this. (HT: Michelle L.)

  • Why I Quit Being an Airline Pilot He was clearly a co-pilot for an American Airlines regional carrier, probably PSA, and most of his complaints center around lack of time to eat and long lines at Starbucks. That and netting about $125 a day you’re actually flying.

  • The world’s first movie made an an airline and an airport comes to us from Helsinki and Finnair.

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