How I Cracked the Screen on My New Phone

Since I came to my readers looking for suggestions on a new phone, and I wrote about my overall happiness with the phone I bought (though I do still miss my blackberry keyboard), I figured I’d share an update with something of a problem I experienced yesterday with my new Samsung Galaxy S3.

I dropped it. Face down. On the sidewalk.

I never got a case to protect the phone, and apparently that was a mistake. The phone itself is sleek as it is, feels great in my hand, and I didn’t want to make it bulkier.

It’s bigger than something I want to put in my pocket, and actually thought I was protecting it by using a belt holster like I used to for my blackberry. Certainly more convenient than sticking the thing in my laptop bag or carrying it around all the time.

But that provides no protection of course when I am holding it. I don’t usually break, drop or damage things. But over the course of a few years with a phone I am going to drop it. And two months in I dropped it for the first time. And broken screens seem to be a problem with this phone. As I understand it they use thinner glass than they did for the Galaxy S2.

Phones are going to drop, I actually think of that as normal wear and tear, so I am frustrated not only with myself but also with Samsung over this. Or maybe I’m just externalizing.

Turns out I made a mistake when I bought the phone.

At least that comes with purchase protection, I’ve never used it, and I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to get them to cover this. But I’m going to ring them up this morning to find out!

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  1. I use a dumb Kyocera that cost me $9.99. My son uses a smart phone that runs a tad over $9.99. When our phones drop, get broken or end up in the washer, which phone will smart the owner the most. 🙂

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