How Iran May Save Boeing

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  1. The problem with Biden and Iran is that there will be a wood pallet shortage from all the cash he’ll be shipping to them.

  2. @Gary – Truly one of the great ironies of the Trump administration. If they actually got what they asked for here, straight up removing legal protections from websites so they’re treated like publishers, all of a sudden his Tweets would have had an “editor” to ensure their content was legally palatable!

    Whatever you think of the policies, I always thought this was a hilarious way to troll himself!

  3. @DaninMCI – Trite and tasteless statement, which is acceptable unto itself. The problem is that it’s both juvenile and wrong. Biden has lots of actual weaknesses. Pick on those. Otherwise you may as well go with the cannibalistic pedophile sex trafficking Satanists argument because they’re just as inaccurate.

  4. Simple question: Why would we want to do anything to help the leading state funder of terrorism? Seriously? Cancel all contracts … no thanks Iran. What are we thinking USA?????

  5. We used to be enemies with Germany and now we are not. Same with Japan, Same with Viet Nam. Heck we were even enemies with England, remember?
    Maybe we can someday stop being enemies with Iran

  6. Dalo, while i strongly support that peace is a two way street. Iran is not a negotiation partner if it threatens the US. Western countries think differently

  7. Repealing ‘Section 230’ Portion of Internet Law Would Be Terrible For Defamation Attorneys…nope, doesn’t work for everything.

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