How Many Points Should You Get When There’s An Active Shooter At Your Hotel?

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Hotel industry podcast discusses resort fees and is surprisingly negative on the practice, worth a list to the ‘No Show’ podcast.

  • 100 free miles for joining Japan Airlines Mileage Bank

  • Oh please. Canadians can’t decide whether Air Canada is a commercial enterprise or a public utility. Then again, they’re subsidizing it, and stupidity follows.

  • JetBlue and Qatar introduce reciprocal mileage earning most US consumers would prefer to credit miles from both airlines to American AAdvantage, but Qatar’s program is a Citi transfer partner and this is edge case useful to some.

  • The Wall Street Journal covers American’s shift away from flying for earning elite status, if you don’t subscribe you can find the article here.

  • An active shooter incident at your hotel is worth 75,000 Hyatt points. (HT: @jayhawknj)

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  1. Why does Hyatt owe anyone anything? They had no participation in this. I can appreciate they offered. They are as responsible as the “guests” are for choosing the location.

  2. Uhh……. Zero. Unless the hotel was clearly responsible for the shooting (e.g., hosting a “Drug King-Pin Free Drink Night” at the poolside bar) or acted inappropriately in response to the crisis..

    That said, it may be good business to offer something.

  3. Many years ago, I was in a Hyatt Regency in New Jersey near Philadelphia. I was on an upper floor when a fire broke out several floors below me. A bunch of junk that was in a storage room caught fire. I was intense enough that when I enters that hallway, I saw flames coming out of the room. I contacted Hyatt and got absolutely NOTHING. We had to evacuate the hotel for several hours in the middle of the night and it was more scary that I wanted that night. They didn’t even adjust the bill. Hyatt corporate did send a letter, but all they did was talk about how heroic their employees were for fighting the fire and it was obvious that they were kind of ticked off that I even said anything.

  4. A headline about getting points when there is an active shooter? Really Gary? This is a new low even for you and your Jerry Springer content. One of the guests was hit by gunfire. Maybe don’t use tragic violence as clickbait?

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