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  1. That DoubleTree incident is despicable enough to have warranted its own post. That’s absolutely outrageous to call the cops on a guest with no probable cause other than the man’s color of his skin. That security guard is a racist POS and the cop proves that he’s nothing but a capitalist tool of a racist system. The security guard should be fired, racists make places less secure by initiating this kind of bull.

  2. It’s all very complicated but if you’re a betting “man” …hey, what are the odds of being born white in America? It’s a longshot.

  3. OF COURSE the black guy ran right to screaming “racism”…. smdh.
    He’s not telling us SOMETHING.

  4. White folks always think there is another “side” to the story…just read a story about a white young man kicking a black toddler in a public racist fit, ‘just because he could” and people are always still shocked by this behavior. I have lived in the south all my life and find that it certainly isn’t limited to the south, but racist behavior and actions are EVERYWHERE and BLATANT and there doesn’t have to be a ‘reason” other than the fact that “Earl” was probably pissed off because he saw a black man who was in a hotel that Earl himself likely couldn’t afford to stay in! White cops pulling over black drivers because they resent the fact they’re driving a nicer car or wearing nicer clothes…YOU may think it is unthinkable and, if so, good for you, but believe me when I say, it is NOT. It happens with a regularity that is appalling and black people and other people of color have to go through this on a daily basis (Starbucks? Airlines? Hotels? Stores?) how many videos of this behavior must we watch before we realize this is not that “unusual” or “rare” and it is covered up, not shared, glossed over more than we ever know. In small towns all over the U.S. it happens and people of color know BETTER than to try to record it, share it, etc because when the CNN camera crews leave they have to worry about the inevitable retaliation like continual traffic stops, tickets, job loss for them and family members to violence toward them. It is VERY real and VERY much a daily event in our country, you need only to open your eyes and see it.

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