How To Keep Economy Passengers Out Of Business Class Bathrooms [Roundup]

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  1. Can’t have economy class mingling with first class. Dems just really don’t want to interact with republicans AT ALL.

  2. ending liquids bans and size restrictions is far bigger news.
    The payoff in terms of reduced personnel necessary to screen baggage will easily justify the cost.
    Some US airports have those types of machines but not near enough.

  3. As a long term Flight Attendant, not all airlines have policies restricting access to lavatories. For the USA, Homeland Security requests that airlines ask passengers to use the lavatories in their ticketed class of service on all international inbound flights. My airline has no other policy restricting lavatory use to particular cabins. Since air travel is no longer the exquisite means of travel, my experience is that premium cabin services are only slightly better to the services offered in economy on international flights a couple decades ago.

  4. This rule is strictly enforced in non US airlines where passengers in FC and BC do not have to worry cattle class crashing in to their lavatories as they separate the cabins using thick curtains. They keep the BC and FC seating configuration correctly to make sure no cattle class crashing in to premium cabins.
    This is always an issue with the US based airlines as flight crews doesn’t care to provide a premium service as they are extremely incompetent.

  5. Thanks for the laugh. That Pace Picante Sauce commercial saturated the airwaves in Dallas in the late 90’s. Hadn’t seen it since.

  6. @Jerry – as a working class Democrat sitting in Premium Economy – some of the rudest passengers are MAGAts. I wish you ‘entitled’ people who don’t want to obey the rules would just ride the bus.

  7. I recall the days of yore when the airlines (at least AA) had velvet ropes between each of the three classes of service…gone are the days…

  8. Ludicrously hilarious! Yes… from what I have seen, the flight attendants DO tell coach to stay in coach! But really…. Do you think you are going to get “cooties” from coach passengers? First class passengers are just as piggy in the bathroom as anyone else. Get over it! Def a first world problem!

  9. I always find it interesting that the very people who behave as though they are to the manor born usually don’t pay full fare. And to the person in the comments above that thinks that flight attendants are incompetent, I suggest you learn to spell, before you start throwing around insults.

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