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I want to make sure you get all of the best deals and opportunities I write about.

Clearly I think it’s worthwhile or else I wouldn’t be writing it. But hopefully you find it worthwhile, since you’re reading it! At least the vast majority of emails I get suggest that folks find my posts useful, and if you’re one of the five figure visitors each day checking in here then you may want to pick the easiest method for your own reading comfort.

  • You can follow me on Twitter 
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  • You can of course bookmark the blog, or just type into your web browser.
  • There’s also an RSS feed for this blog, so you can subscribe via your favorite blog reader. I used to love Google Reader but am far less enamored of it since the redesign. Whichever one you use, just copy into the box to add a subscription!
  • And you can have each day’s content emailed to you overnight, just enter your email address in the box on the left hand side of the page.

Never miss out on a deal or advice on getting the most for your miles!

And however you’re reading the blog, I just appreciate it that you do, many folks have stuck with me now for the full ten years I’ve been writing about travel, points, and upgrades.. and that’s incredibly humbling.

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Gary Leff is one of the foremost experts in the field of miles, points, and frequent business travel - a topic he has covered since 2002. Co-founder of frequent flyer community, emcee of the Freddie Awards, and named one of the "World's Top Travel Experts" by Conde' Nast Traveler (2010-Present) Gary has been a guest on most major news media, profiled in several top print publications, and published broadly on the topic of consumer loyalty. More About Gary »

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  1. Hate the new Google Reader too, but if you use FireFox, get the Greasemonkey add-in and the “Google Reader Fixes 3.2.2” script for it.

  2. And your blog is like a fine wine that keeps getting better with age. Thanks for all the info and keep up the great work.

  3. I haven’t missed a single one of your entries since you started writing. You’re in a different (better) class of intelligent writing that I prefer. Thanks for all your work!

  4. Gary your blog has the most insightful commentary and thoughtful, reasoned analysis out there. Much appreciated!

  5. RSS (My Yahoo) for me too.

    If you don’t mind some unsolicited advice, for Facebook, you should really consider creating a VftW “Page” instead of friend-ing readers on your own page. Three advantages:
    1. You’re limited to 5000 friends. Someday that may be a problem, as your readership grows. Pages have no limit.
    2. People can Like your page to follow you and get updates without having to give you access to personal info & posts that they may have granted to their friends.
    3. Liking a page is instantaneous; friend requests have to be accepted manually.

  6. Love the rss feed to my home page on google. Thank you for all your great stuff.

  7. I love the daily email digest, but find that when images are included they overlay the text of the post, rendering it illegible. I wind up coming to your site to read the post. I’m using gmail, and have this happen with every post containing images.

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