How to Legally Cross the US-Canada Border Without Going Through an Immigration Checkpoint

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  1. You’re developing quite the reputation as the curator of news regarding idiot rappers behaving badly.

  2. Who cares what some foul-mouthed thug thinks or says? Such garbage should be considered beneath this site and ignored, imo.

  3. We already have around 40,000 illegals who have walked over the border (at known points) here to Canada from the US to get away from Trump and now you’re providing them with even more options to enter. Thanks loads, Gary. Why not give your head a shake before you post this kind of crap. I am now finished reading the junk that you post.

  4. @Jetbee

    What you don’t want these poor refugees? I thought Justine Castreau (look up the resemblance) said “diversity is our strength”?

  5. Remember the X-Men movie Logan. I liked the movie, because I cannot resist Marvel. But politically the dumbest plot ever. Last remaining Mutants are hiding out in Mexico, who we know does not prosecute mutants as much as the evil USA (“evil” to the anti-American crowd that populates the left wing). Anyway, Logan finds some mutant children and takes them to the Canadian Border for asylum from the “evil” USA. I am sorry, the dumbest plot ever.

    As Jetbee demonstrates, Canadians are not willing to give asylum to all mutants against the USA.

    Moreover, Canada has much stricter immigration laws that the USA. An American trying to emigrate to Canada has to pass through a massive number of hoops.

    Finally, as evidence, British Columbia (“BC”) provincial passed Bill 28 (20% tax on foreigners (mostly Chinese) buying homes in the Vancouver area). This bill shows that BC is somewhat intolerant of Chinese who are tying to buy insurance against the vicissitudes of Chinese politics.

    Canada is a wonderful place. I love the country. However, when they do on their moral superiority rants about the USA, which they have been doing since I was born, I tune them out.

  6. When I lived in Windsor Ontario I used to boat in the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair which form part of the border. At that time — probably tougher since 9/11 — if you landed on the American side, you just phoned a special US immigration number. Our neighbours were cottagers from Detroit. They often arrived by boat without reporting to either Canadian or American immigration.

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