How To Make Your Carry On Fit In The Bag Sizer (And Save $89)

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  1. “ThAt WaS uNeSeCeSsArY SiR”

    Sounds like it was if he didn’t wanna shell out $89.

    The skateboard could have probably fit on top of some bags easily and been a non-issue. This is what happens when GAs take rules too literally

  2. When flying Spirit Airlines, savvy sumo wrestlers simply sit on top of their luggage to make it fit in the Spirit baggage sizer. Precrushing carry on luggage could be the next Spirit Airlines passenger service enhancement especially when supported with airline stimulus funding.

  3. The luggage thief was wearing shorts and a light hoodie in Cleveland in January so I guess he needed clothing?

  4. skater is a manchild what a shock, could have acted like an adult but it’s much better to act like a fool on socialist media. Betting he’s a bernie bro as well.

  5. Was the skateboard thing an appropriate thing to post? No, idiots should not be given even 15 seconds of our time. I was not even mildly funny.

  6. Danny: funny, I thought the same thing a little while after I posted! “Maybe the wheels are more valuable!”
    I also knew a fascist like KKKoggerj would show up with poisonous thoughts! I just wonder why hewould hang out on a “socialist” blog run be a Jew. Must be because he was humiliated and ran away from another blog earlier today. I saw it with my own socialist eyes!

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