How to Think About an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

This is a miraculous discussion, incredibly comprehensive and insightful even if a bit tongue-in-cheek.

On the whole I’m not a fan of buffets, most of the time they’re lowest common denominator, they skimp on quality ingredients to present big ticket items at lowest cost or they’re more about quantity than quality which isn’t usually how I like to eat. But they certainly have thier place, and in some locales like Vegas they’re part of both history and culture.

This bizarre discussion covers the different types of buffets, how to think about buffets, pre-meal preparation, strategy once you’re ready to eat, and post-meal care. Clearly people think about buffets a great deal, certainly a great deal more than I. At least there’s a reminder to be courteous to other diners, perhaps other diners like me not nearly so sophisticated in our approach or appreciation for the grandness of the buffet.

(Via Marginal Revolution.)

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  1. As an American, I find this aspect of my culture embarrassing; just go to any buffet or Olive Garden and you will find Americans from every social/economic/political/racial spectrum shoving oversized amounts of food in their gaping mouths.

  2. I stopped reading when the author suggested taking a couple of Rolaids the night before, in preparation for the big feast. Sick!

  3. I sent this to some friends of mine, including some co-workers who remember the days of a cheap boss who used to suggest we “share” a buffet.

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