Nothing Says Class Like “Shelf Stable MyPasta”

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  1. Come on, Gary. Those products are being added to AA’s coach buy on board. Nkt first class.

    Do you even try to be accurate any more? Or is it just about the clickbait headlines?

  2. Twitter involved with online payment and banking? Gee, who would have thought the guy who helped found Paypal and made his second fortune there would have returned to his roots, only with a much larger potential starting base? Shocking!

    It’s not like online banking and transfer payments is rocket science…

  3. Antonov is NOT going to rebuild the AN-225. It was not damaged. It was destroyed they plan on building a new one. Good luck to them.

  4. For passenger safety, it’s good to learn that American Airlines is offering shelf-stable pasta. The Heersink School of Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham reports, “Bacillus cereus, or B. cereus, is a spore-forming organism that makes an infectious toxin. When foods like rice and pasta are contaminated with B. cereus and not cooked thoroughly the first time, the spores have not been eliminated. As the food cools to below 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the spores germinate and start producing toxin, causing symptoms when ingested. This often occurs in starch-based foods, such as potatoes, rice and pasta.
    Listeria is bacteria most commonly found in soil. It is carried in the intestinal tract of 5 to 10 percent of humans who are asymptomatic. The bacteria primarily affects pregnant women, senior adults, babies and people who are immunosuppressed.”

    American Airlines frequent flyers know that nausea, vomiting, watery or bloody diarrhea, and fever will ruin your afternoon.


  5. I think Elon needs a crack at fixing the voting machines and the ability to count the votes in AZ,PA,NV and GA!!!!

  6. Twitter and Levi’s involvement in the travel business is the same: both are tools travelers use. So please start adding Levi’s updates to this travel blog!

    What is Levi’s latest product vision? We now know Twitter’s product ambitions, and as a traveler wearing Levi’s I can’t wait to read from the “thought leader in travel” about what Levi’s is up to.

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