How US Airport Security is Seen in Other Parts of the World

You don’t need to speak Japanese to ‘get’ what they think is really going on.

(HT: Alan H.)

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  1. Is there anything to indicate that this is a knock at TSA, as opposed to Japanese security, or airport security in general? The DIA text at the beginning was obviously added after the fact.

  2. it’s a skit in an annual gag show broadcast in Japan and is not directed at nor has anything to do with the TSA.

  3. That’s Shimura Ken (main guy). The Japanese said in this skit is nothing you probably cannot already guess. Japanese airport security is anything but like this btw.

    At the amongst the dialogue at end the other male walks in asking “What are you doing? Why are you in my uniform?”

  4. a. In light of many comments on this blog defending the TSA, I long ago concluded that those posters are either TSA employees or relatives of TSA employees.
    b. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that it is the TSA — and only the TSA — that has generated a great deal of international media attention because of their overly-aggressive patdowns. Clearly, the Japanese comedy writers had the TSA in mind when they wrote this skit. To conclude otherwise, one would have to suffer from psychological “denial.”

  5. There is a partial truth to this humans being human and that is real truth.As hilarious as this sketch is
    To condemn the TSA as all guilty would be unfair.There are some that are doing a very good professional job without being rude.The good ones are respectful and friendly.
    Having said that our security as a nation is now overly intrusive and at times way over the top.
    We are in dire need of a better system.The radiation treatment of every American is tragic.I have cut my travel in half since the xray blitz started
    I prefer tarveling in Australia where security is treated seriously yet you can still carry your own bottled water to the plane…..

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