How to Get Driven From Your Plane Like Hulk Hogan – Without Getting Chicago Cops in Trouble

Hulk Hogan Facebook live’d a ride across the tarmac at Chicago O’Hare because no matter how many times you do it, it’s amazing. However a police officer that provided the ride is now under investigation.

However this is the sort of thing that anyone can do – it just costs money, or frequent flyer miles. With Hulk Hogan’s wealth he can pay for this whenever he wishes, but it’s not even always expensive to get the VIP treatment at an airport.

Premium Airport Services are Available Almost Everywhere

There are premium airport departure, connection and arrival services that you can buy all over the world. Some are offered by airlines, others by airports, and some by third party services. In fact it isn’t even always clear which is which.

  • On arrival this can mean meeting you curbside, escorting you through security and it may include lounge access. You’ll be dropped off at the lounge and collected and escorted to your gate.

  • For connections you can be met on the jetway or at the gate and escorted to your connecting flight. With a long connection this may include lounge access, a shower, and then escort to your connecting gate.

  • On arrival this generally involves being collected at your arriving gate and escorted to immigration where you’ll often skip queues. In the most premium versions of this service it may even mean being met at the aircraft and taken by electric cart through the terminal — or even by car across the tarmac.

I’ve used the JetQuay terminal in Singapore both on arrival and departure when my hotel was selling it at half the price of buying direct.

Jetquay Terminal, Singapore

Major U.S. Airlines Offer Them

American Airlines offers “5 Star Service” in 16 airports. Delta has VIP Select. United Airlines puts its branding on the third party Global Airport Concierge service. Bear in mind it may be cheaper to book Global Airport Concierge with a Mastercard for 15% off.

Pricing ranges tremendously, with tarmac transfers in Europe costing as much as $2000 while a simple meet and greet on arrival in Southeast Asia may be $20. In Bangkok I can do a premium arrival service for $21 or $44 where I’m met with an electric cart at current exchange rates.

You Get a Car Ride Across the Airport With This Great Mileage Redemption

If you want a private car transfer my favorite method is redeeming for Lufthansa First Class departing Frankfurt (or arriving Frankfurt in Lufthansa first and connecting). There is nothing like driving behind a 747!

Of course both United and American now have partnerships with the celebrity terminal at LAX where you can have a tarmac transfer. You can’t use miles for those. So I prefer spending miles in most Star Alliance programs for Lufthansa first class – forget the flight even, just spend time in the first class terminal and driving back and forth to the plane!

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  1. I’m doing this next time I am in Bangkok.

    I have done the first class with Lufthansa a few times, not all terminals offer it. Disappointed there is no way to transfer points to Miles and more anymore. I hope this comes back.

  2. UA once drove me across the tarmac at ORD as a 1K for no particular reason except they had guys manning cars who had nothing else to do at that particular moment. Even though I think I have way more interest in aviation than the average passenger, the experience was NOT “amazing.” Mildly interesting, I would say. I’d probably decline the offer the next time unless I thought it would actually help me make a flight. But if you’re status-oriented person, perhaps the experience would be more “amazing”?

  3. I need to look into this for Bangkok. Thanks for the reminder. Any suggestions for SGN?

  4. Emirates offer Mercedes Benz free rides to your hotel if you call before takeoff and fly first class. Very professional. Beautiful cars.

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