HURRY: Business Class New York, LA, or Miami to Europe from $718 Roundtrip

Earlier I wrote about a $289 roundtrip fare to Europe in economy. It turns out that the same airline — SkyTeam member Aeroflot — has amazing business class fares right now as well.

Aeroflot departures from New York, Los Angeles, and Miami are showing business class fares from $710 roundtrip for travel all over Europe.

Take for instance this search from Miami to Stockholm in business:

It pulls up a $712 roundtrip business class fare via Moscow.

Los Angeles – Paris comes up at $787 roundtrip.

You can book trips to Brussels, to Barcelona, to Berlin… try any Aeroflot destination in Europe in business.

Find the fares at or directly at for travel through July or even September.

As I indicated earlier, Since we don’t know for certain how Aeroflot will feel about such a deep discount airfare sale, whether they might get seller’s remorse, I’d wait a few days after buying tickets before making additional non-refundable travel plans around the fare.

In theory an airline refusing to honor a sale like this would have to reimburse any out of pocket costs you incurred but there’s not much history with enforcement of that particular DOT statement so I’d still not test it.

(HT: Secret Flying via No Mas Coach)

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  1. You should include a link to a review of this airline 🙂 Thanks!

    Allow personally this airline is on my No Fly lists 🙁

  2. the cheaopair calendar shows this low pricing (which appears to be the same as coach), but when you select the dates and click through the pricing disappears and only regular fares are shown

  3. Read the reviews of this airline, as Bill n DC says! It will be a cold day in hell before I enrich Czar Putin’s retirement fund with any flights on Aeroflot.

  4. Looks like it may be dead…just checked several dates/cities and couldn’t come up with anythung under $3k.

  5. I’d rather fly Aeroflot to Europe than American. Food, service, and AVOD are all better. Maybe yall should quit being little school boy bitches and broaden your horizons. Only downer about transit via SVO is can’t leave the airport without a visa. Red Square is amazing at sunrise.

  6. All of these commenters who say they won’t fly Aeroflot because of Putin probably have no problem flying Emirates or Qatar even though those countries have terrible human rights records as well.

  7. Aeroflot? They couldn’t give me a free ticket to fly that horrendous airline. If you’re that cheap that you have to fly to Moscow to save money flying to Europe then go for it. As my dad always told me “there’s an ass for every toilet seat”.

  8. While there are some drawbacks to flying Aeroflot such as no hard liquor in economy and premium economy, or requiring a visa to leave the international terminal, overall the airline is now considered comparable to, or better than many, of the airlines crossing the Atlantic. In fact, Aeroflot has a 4-star rating from Skytrax, something NO U.S. airline has. My only concern would be the abominable ten abreast 3-4-3 31″ seating in the back of the bus on their 777’s. But for $289 roundtrip to any city in Europe, if that actually is/was possible, then hey, as long as one remembers to get up every so often to stretch their legs to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) the discomfort of this awful seating arrangement just might be worth overlooking. As to the $710 premium economy fare, if that’s actually real, then for sure that’s a GREAT DEAL!!! I booked my partner on that recently for a business trip, and apart from the no vodka available inflight, the service was very good, and his connection via SVO was no problem.

  9. Sorry to disagree. At least as far as intra Europe business class Aeroflot beats the other European carriers hands down. SU has a business class seat and international business class service. I’ve never flown it in back. Up front, this is a great airline. Big drawback this time of year is connecting in Moscow where I always got bus gates. And a blizzard does not close the airports in Moscow.

  10. Those layovers are horrific! 1-stop transpacs from the east coast typically run 20-24 hours. Oy!

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