Hyatt Elite Status Challenges are Back

Chinese forum learned and US Credit Card Guide shared that Hyatt has opened up status challenges.

Call 800-233-1234 & 800-228-3360 and ask the representative to register. I have successfully registered with 0 stay and the Discoverist level granted by Chase Hyatt credit card.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Club Lounge

Something tells me they’ve got concern about their elite ranks shrinking with new World of Hyatt program changes.

The reported details of the challenge are:

  • Stay 4, 10, or 20 nights between April 3 and July 31
  • This will earn Discoverist, Explorist, or Globalist status
  • Status earned by completing a challenge will last through February 2019
  • No temporary status is given during the challenge

Status received via challenge does not earn confirmed suite upgrades, and members receiving status via challenge will not receive a free night for reaching 60 nights or a dedicated personal concierge.

park hyatt siem reap
Bedroom at the Park Hyatt Siem Reap

If the first agent you reach says no to the challenge, ask specifically for ‘Fast Qualifying’ or hang up, call back until you find an agent that will offer this to you.

I’m also a Diamond Globalist member so haven’t rung up Hyatt to ask about a status challenge myself, nonetheless this could be useful to some.

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  1. First rep told me its a targeted challenge that you receive via email – anyone have luck with a cold call in – i am going to try again

  2. No suite upgrades even after the 20 nights? No thanks. SPG is the better option at this point.

  3. WOH Agent: “Thank you for calling Hyatt today where we give you the world. Thank you for being a Explorist. How may I help you?”

    Customer: “Yes, I would like to terminate my Explorist status, effective immediately.”

    WOH Agent: “Really, why? We really value you as a loyal customer”

    Customer: “I have no chance of qualifying for Globalist at 30 nights requirement.”

    WOH Agent: “Okay. I’ve made that change for you. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

    Customer: “Yes, you can. I would like to sign up for the ‘Fast Qualifying’ offer of 20 nights to make Globalist; that way my status will continue through February 2109”

  4. Did anyone call? I did. This is a targeted offer for specific unnamed company accounts.

  5. If Hyatt is concerned about shrinking elite rolls then they need to change qualifying requirements. They’ve managed to push aside every elite that didn’t already stay 50+nights/year…and even those are complaining about the 60 night requirement. WOH is a complete joke for 97% of frequent travelers. Offering status match challenges is not them showing concern about losing elites, merely that they’re trying to grow their ranks the same way they did in the past.

  6. Great! Another status challenge I can successfully complete only to have Hyatt rescind it two months down the road.

  7. I actually got in on a SPG plat –> Hyatt Diamond challenge last year. 51 nights and $14k later I actuallly switched all of my stays to Hyatt.

    50–>60 nights is a joke. If they had more hotels, maybe, but I’ve migrated my stays elsewhere.

  8. Placed a call and asked about the quick qualify offer. Guy said yeah there is one, gave my account number, and he said he enrolled me!

    Awesome I have 10 nights coming up on my vacation soon!

  9. Didn’t last year’s status match to (then) Diamond-level cause mass discord because of the increase in Diamonds… which led to the World of Hyatt program restrictions… which caused a perceived decrease in the Globalist community… which led to this year’s status match…

    Wait… what?

    Can someone fire the entire Hyatt Marketing Department and roll back the Globalist changes? What is going on at Hyatt? And yes… I’m struggling to make 60 stays so far…

  10. two calls and both times they told me it is targeted to certain companies employees 🙁

  11. Hyatt really messed up. WOH alienated all of the middle tier elites and all Hyatt is left with are the elites who actually use (or overuse) the benefits.

  12. If this status challenge (or is it a match?) is indeed for real, WoH will be no better than HGP because it will mean that the program managers learned nothing from their most recent debacle. WoH will be, at best, a work-in-progress (WIP); at worst, another joke.

  13. not only is it limited to a mystery list of targeted companies – but they say the company actually has to enroll you for the match. I work for a behemoth company that takes a very dim view of employees forcing their business into a loyalty program – because they assume (correctly) that we don’t always focus on lowest cost.

    This is beyond dumb. Also the concierge service that is often mentioned on this blog is only available to lifetime globalists – or to globalists who have completed 60 stays.

  14. Currently I am Hyatt explorist via Mlife gold status match. I called in Wednesday 4/12 because I had a question about using a Club upgrade for my parents. Anyways I asked the agent about how to requalify for explorist next year through Hyatt and she says: “oh you re in luck we have a special promotion where you can qualify til 2019 by staying 10 nites by end of July. Do you want to register for that?”

  15. I just called (800) 233-1234 as listed above. I asked about the quick qualifying offer. The lady didn’t understand and kept asking about something else.
    She ended up putting me on hold and she finally put her supervisor on the line. The supervisor signed me up for the quick qualifying offer. So it worked. Thanks for the post.

  16. I called and got a status challenge (!!!), however they said that there is a list of qualifying hotels only? Does anyone have this list?

  17. Update status challenge:
    As soon as I finished my stay at a Hyatt property. The next day I received an email with my new status. Challenge ended 6/30/2017.
    A couple of days ago I received my card in the mail. Expires 2019.

    Jofo: they didn’t tell me anything about qualifying hotels. However before I requested the challenge, I had already made reservations for Hyatt Ziva.

  18. Three reps were confused about this, said need a direct email. Anyone do this as of late?

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