Hyatt Place To Guests: We RENOUNCE Daily Housekeeping

Hotels stopped providing daily housekeeping during the pandemic, ostensibly because people cared less about sanitary conditions didn’t want other people in their rooms who might spread Covid-19 to them.

But as service returned to normal, they’ve done everything possible to keep the cost savings of having fewer housekeepers on staff and from not using as many cleaning supplies. That means not offering housekeeping during each day of a stay, offering it only ‘on request,’ and only offering limited service when they do offer it at all (like taking out the trash, replacing towels that aren’t hung back up on racks, making the bed but not changing sheets).

Chains have housekeeping standards for their properties, which include offering more service than they did at the depths of the pandemic, but that also offer a lot more leeway in not providing it. And some hotels take them up on these opportunities, though I’m not sure I’ve seen quite an aggressive stance, though, as the one taken by the Hyatt Place Frankfurt Airport.

This hotel actually says they renounce daily housekeeping. They do this for sustainability. But if you “still want to have” your room cleaned, even after being shamed over it, you can contact the property to ask for it.

If you don’t care about the environment, and are happy with Greta Thunberg scolding you for the rest of your days, then you can have your room serviced.

Though I’d point out that while the hotel says their housekeeping cost cuts are for ‘sustainability’ they merely imply that this is sustainability of the planet, when in fact it’s for sustainability of their P&L sheet.

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  1. This is a big problem for Hyatt, not least because the Hyatt footprint is so small that guests chasing top-level globalist status have to stay at these horrible Hyatt Place properties. Marriott has its problems but you can avoid some of the worst brands and properties because of its size. Hyatt not so much.

  2. Hyatt Place is the single reason I gave up chasing Hyatt status. Just last week, the front desk told me – the guest – to contact THEIR ISP to figure out why the wifi isn’t working. If I have to stay in shitty Hyatt Places so I can gather enough points to burn them all at an outdated and drab Park Hyatt somewhere else, no thanks.

    Like FNT said above, for all of their shortcomings, Marriott at least has the footprint that allows me to choose a better property. What’s more, I’ve never had Marriott do me wrong (yet), and legacy Starwood properties (and plenty of legacy Marriott properties) do a good job with elite recognition. Likewise with some of the higher end IHG properties – though I have far fewer expectations there.

  3. I renounce thee Hyatt Place. Isn’t housekeeping part of what I ALREADY PAID FOR (especially in a place like an HP where you don”t get much else)? I am okay with the hotels that offer you the opportunity to opt out and give you something if you do like a handful of points and I often do for a short stay– but to pretend that there is some greater mission they are on is just shameful appropriation of a cause we all know they couldn’t give a shit about. At least, as the Avett brothers say, Tell the Truth to Yourself. If you want to cut back to save money then share some of that savings with the guests and maybe it will be a win win. Whenever the default is “no housekeeping unless you request it” I make sure I do, every day.

  4. I always give a bad review to hotels that don’t clean the rooms. More people should do likewise as this is how it will hurt them.

  5. Another innovator in this field is Hilton. Some/many low end properties now require you to give 24 hours notice if you want housekeeping. They usually don’t mention this when you check in. So if you wake the morning of a 2-day stay and would like your room cleaned, you are SOL. Even if you check in later in the day and know enough to request it immediately upon checkin, it may be too late for the following day if housekeeping ends less than 24 hours later.

  6. Who are these dirty slobs who require daily cleaning? I can go up to 7 days without housekeeping and that includes nutting all up in the sheets every other night.

  7. Just like you have to reuse your towels “for the planet,” you will have to live without daily housekeeping so that Earth will survive.

    Now you may think this is not their real motivation — as do I — but a lot of people really care about this climate change stuff, and they will happily play along.

    Heck, Frontier Airlines advertises itself as “America’s Greenest Airline” and if anyone thinks they’re cramming you in to save the planet, I’ve got some oceanfront land in Kansas to sell you.

    It’s great to be virtuous, as long as it increases your profitability.

  8. In spite of their practices, they have record revenues. If there are no consequences . . . and there clearly aren’t . . . why would they change? Until there are consequences, why would they not cut something else? Such discussions are fruitless.

  9. I don’t like companies that not only treat you like an idiot but also think you are too stupid to even notice.

  10. What a scam. More environmental nonsense that the average clown will believe.

    They want to cut cost while BSing people by telling them it’s for the environment.

    Guessing they probably lost money in the FTX/Ukraine/democrat party money laundering scam.

  11. I guess all of you but the guy that nuts on his sheets Chang your sheets and towels everyday at home. You are the travelers hotel employees hate, self entitled righteous pricks.

  12. Only because you mentioned Greta Thunberg, I have never understood why a teenager has had such an impact on the world.

    She skipped school to travel the world and advocate for environmental policy, noble, not her job.

    Her job was to be in school and learn, simple as that.

    If an adult did what Greta had and is doing, it would be wholly appropriate but for a teenager, it is just wrong.

  13. The climate change hoax has allowed all kinds of subversive elements in society to have the cover they need.

    Man made climate change is not real.

  14. lol… the planet hoax is almost as bad as the hoax when bloggers managed to convince people that Hyatt is anything but overpriced garbage

  15. More important question is why is anyone staying multiple nights at the Frankfort airport?

    30 minutes on the train in any direction and you have 1000s of better options.

  16. Good for them. Absolutely no reason that anyone needs daily housekeeping. Housekeeping on request should be the default.

    Now the “environmental” wrapping is a crock of sh*% but it’s just a better stay when housekeeping isn’t entering the room everyday.

  17. I tend to make it SOP not to listen, or be dictated to by, millionairess children with little to no knowledge of the real world. Especially when they’re mentally impaired.

    I suppose much like blacklisting companies who continue using the coof to penny pinch with transparent lies that are clear and as day to the rest 9f us. Those who use ‘but may planet’. Those who try to lecture me on XYZ. Not because they care about XYZ but coz they do it to virtue signal.

    Kinda like when Gillette decided to tell all men they were toxic garbage, including little boys years away from needing Gillettes products or working out girls don’t actually smell whilst simultaneously overcharging women/girls for their products.

    Sooner or later they work out that all the BS VS doesn’t actually pay the bills

  18. I think this a great idea for Hyatt. It’s very common in Europe. Besides who want a stranger wandering around your room.

    BTW I’m a hyatt platinum member for many years.

  19. What HORROR having to request room service at the lowest rung hyatt property, where I would never trust housekeeping to not steal from me. SHAME on this franchisee for finding a creative way to boost profit, not unlike a travel blogger hawking credit cards he doesn’t personally use. When I look at that pic of the Earth from out space, the ONLY thing I see is a Swedish teenager.

  20. Gosh, I can’t stop tearing up over how much they love the Earth. Being so diligent virtue signaling – I mean virtuous – has got to be a cross to bear.

  21. Does this pass the immediate sniff test of the hotel doing breakfast with reusable plates and utensils or is all one use dumpster filler?

  22. Well just another Reason to renounce Hyatt. I am doing quite well at Hilton and Bonvoy. Don’t need this nonsense. Are you going to offer guests a discount for declining housekeeping? Most likely not!

  23. I don’t change my sheets or towels (you are drying off clean water after all, and if you aren’t a slob and hang the towel to dry instead of throwing them on the floor when done….) daily even at home, so I don’t require that for a hotel. But yeah, I don’t shame easily, and I know they are trying to save a buck, not save the earth. So, I require daily service, and I make sure to tell the front desk that. Why? Because they charge so damn much, and I am paying for it. Kind of like “no low balling, I know what I have, and I know what it is worth” kind of things. When I stay at a hotel, it is for one of three reasons. Business, Travel, or leisure. Leisure, I expect luxury and service, so yes, clean sheets and towels, trash dumped, vacuumed, neat and tidy, refreshed supplies, and turn down service. Travel, I’m there for one night. All I care about is having a safe, clean room and comfortable bed with a breakfast in the morning. For business, I expect a neat, tidy, clean room with clean sheets and towels when I return for the day. This is especially true when I stay at one of the flagship brands, or one of the boutique hotels.

  24. I usually call the hotel before I make a booking see if they do daily cleaning service . If not , I just book somewhere else , most Marriott’s and all Hilton do daily room service . I am happy to bring business to their competitor

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