Hyatt’s New Extended Stay Status and Benefits, And How You Can Be a Very Important Resident Too…

I was on the road last week when new perks and amenities were announced for HYATT house, Hyatt’s extended stay brand. They’re rewarding guests staying 30 or more nights at a time (single stay at one property) with special recognition.

There was some initial confusion (such as here) over whether the benefits were for ‘loyalty to a specific brand’ e.g. staying 30 or more nights in a year with HYATT house rather than with Hyatt more broadly, or whether they were for a single stay. I assumed the latter, since HYATT house is an extended-stay brand.

I don’t tend to do long stays for my business travel. I’ve been fortunate not to be assigned to projects in a city for a long period of time, though I have plenty of friends who do just this kind of travel. So I liked the new benefits a great deal, even if I’m unlikely to take advantage of them, and I asked if I might be able to extend those benefits to a reader?

The answer came back a yes — I can give away a 2-night stay at any HYATT house property, and as a special concession they’ll extend the on-property “Very Important Resident” benefits during that stay. Hopefully the person who wins will email me after their stay and share their impressions.

Here are details on the new HYATT house amenities and benefits for long-stayers:

The Very Important Resident program (VIR). The new program will provide guests staying 30+ nights with a more ‘personal touch,’ offering a variety of services to help guests keep their routine rolling on the road

As a VIR, you’ll enjoy things like:

  • Pick-Your-Suite: Pick your own suite from available rooms in your room type at the time of your arrival.
  • “Favorites” Folio: A place to make note of your likes, dislikes and special requests so HYATT house can personalize your stay.
  • Grocery Shopping Service: Provide your grocery list to the House Host, and the staff will stock your refrigerator and cabinets even before you arrive or for when you come home.
  • Grub Stub: Redeem for a $10 food and beverage credit from the H BAR or the Guest Market.
  • Scrub Stub: This voucher can be redeemed for one washer and dryer cycle.
  • VIP Welcome Amenity: You can select an amenity of your choice to be waiting for you when you arrive.

Additionally, all guests will newly be able to enjoy:

  • The Morning Spread: A new complimentary breakfast featuring a made-to-order Omelet Bar, as well asoatmeal, yogurts, fresh fruit and other breakfast goodness is rolling out at Hyatt House hotels around the country. It includes more balanced items, such as vegetarian and gluten free options.
  • Hyatt Has It – Borrows: A service that allows guests to borrow items commonly forgotten at home or that just weren’t practical to pack, such as phone chargers, curling irons, blenders and more.

The grocery shopping service sounds nice, especially if it works in practice although I suspect some of my more persnickety preferences might be tough to find in some of their ~ 58 locations.

But a guest staying at HYATT house for more than 30 days and qualifying as a ‘very important resident’ might like golf and have golf magazines in the suite, or might like dessert and they’d be sure to have branded cupcakes in-house. I think the idea is to get to know guests well enough that they can offer ‘little reminders of home’ while making their properties your home away from home.

I asked for a favorite example of this, and they shared this one:

One of my recent favorites is from Hyatt House San Jose/Sillicon Valley. When they heard one of their guests from Canada missed his rocking chair from home, they went to a local department store, purchased a glider and foot stool, assembled it, and had it ready in his room for his return that day. He loved it so much that the hotel stored it for him for his next visit.

The Very Important Resident benefits also include a ‘VIR Key Card’ so that guests can play “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” with staff that are supposed to provide them with recognition, and also a ‘personalized hotel tour’ in case they want to see the back of the house and laundry facilities I guess…

Coming up tomorrow, details on the giveaway of a 2-night HYATT house stay with Very Important Resident benefits.

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  1. Appreciate the post and information
    Of course Gold Passport has never heard of the program 🙂
    I find it hilarious how they can’t take care of a Diamond very well in house yet they want to offer special VIP status for folks that can put up with the limited service brand for longer stays. I try and avoid all non full service as the limited service sector is weak on service and elite recognition typically
    So now the heck with Diamonds who spend tens and thousands with all the brands and favor folks who want to only stay in limited service brands like Hyatt House for longer stays
    One of the more horrible ideas of the last decade IMHO
    The new program has only convinced me to avoid the brand until they can exceed expectations like the full service properties however to each their own!

  2. As a business traveler it’s always great when you can turn down the optional amenity for more points…

  3. @D Wonderment – I kind of chuckle when I see folks with the position like you. In my experience, I’ve gotten more service, and without a doubt, more bang for my buck, out of these so-called “limited service” offerings. Sure, if someone else is paying you can pay twice as much to go to a “full service” Hyatt and then pay another $30 for the breakfast Hyatt House gives you for free…I get that it makes you feel special, but when I’m spending my own money it’s a no-brainer…

  4. Gary,

    Love the post. Given that I’m always trying to maximize my Hyatt points because of your recommendations that they are the most useful, I always stay at a Hyatt House near my company’s Philly location (which I visit every other month for a week or so). This benefit, while not huge in and of itself, is a nice recognition and something I’ll definitely take advantage of. Although, the Hyatt House King of Prussia can keep their rocking chair 🙂

  5. Way off topic, wanted your thoughts. Not sure if you noticed the 50k Citi AAdvantage links are all dead now. I received a mail offer for 40k for the Citi Gold (30k after 1k spent in 1 month plus another 10k after another 4k spent (5k total) in 12 months).

    Any thoughts?


  6. I’m intrigued by the Omelet Bar. Will there be an employee making fresh omelets every morning?

    Our last stay at a Hyatt House they upgraded us to a suite and gave us two $5 food comps. Neither of us have any status besides the base one, though I did mention we were on our way to our honeymoon cruise. It was a great stay and well worth the 8k Hyatt points.

  7. I like the grocery shopping service. I would find this really convenient because once I get off a long flight the last thing I want to do is go out shopping. I just want to check in, relax and enjoy the home comforts.

    Shame the Hyatt don’t have more international locations though.

  8. As someone who gets sick of eating out, and the mother of 2, the grocery shopping service would be a fantastic benefit!

  9. @Ken: A recent stay at the HH Plymouth Meeting, PA reveals that there is in fact a dedicated “omelet maker” assigned to cook.

    In contrast to the omelet bar at, say, a Hilton Garden Inn (where a “cook-to-order” grill is part of the design), however, they’ve had to shoehorn in the omelet station by taking out a couple of tables of seating and putting in a makeshift “cooking corner” in the dining room with an electric griddle.

  10. Would agree with several here, the grocery shopping service. Out of the new perks that would be the one I would take if on an extended stay. Would be nice to arrive and not worry about finding a store and dragging stuff back – just arrive and relax.

  11. @ES – Thanks. What fillings do they have available? Is it whatever hot meat they happen to have on the buffet line that day?

  12. Grocery service is a great!. I have it for my home, so it’d be easy for me to take my current list, edit it, send it and eat!

  13. I’m a big fan of the Pick your own suite benefit. It would be awesome to have total control over what room you’re in

  14. I like the idea of the “favorites” folio. Personalization is meaningful away from home, and staff that goes out of their way to accommodate and meet needs are especially appreciated.

  15. If I were to stay for a long time, I think I would prefer the grocery shopping benefit. It seems like it would be very convenient.

  16. Gary,

    Thanks for posting and for offering carrots too…

    Favorites folio. I think this shows respect and maturity of the program. It basically says; you are loyal to us, we want to make an extra effort to adapt to your likening as a show of respect. Almost like in a good marriage….;-).

  17. Stay for more than 3 days, I would love to have scrub stub so that the clothes can be washed

  18. I like the Grocery Shopping Service as it is so nice to have your favorite snacks waiting after a long day in the air/road and all you want to dois just plop yourself on the bed,catch the news and relax with your favorite beverage and snack and not worry about going out to an unfamiliar area to find a snack shop or find something in the vending machine which you probably dont want.

  19. I think I would like the Grocery Shopping Service the best, that way if I arrive late on the first night, I will find food to snack on and breakfast in the morning without having to make a stop on the way to the hotel.

  20. Made-to-order omelets would be key; cooking before heading to the office in the morning is a pain.

  21. I like the pick your suite option. THat way you can check out several different room types over your stays!.

  22. The Morning Spread would definitely change the way I think of Hyatt House properties.

  23. @Alex – When I redeemed points for a Hyatt House a few weeks ago I got points for the stay as well as it counting toward elite status. I was surprised, I thought that only paid stays counted toward status or accrued points.

  24. The Morning Spread. I hate spending money on three meals a day so free breakfast would be so great!

  25. Grocery shopping would be a great benefit for me. This also differs from benefits that are included at many other hotels (such as omelet bars).

  26. When traveling, it is best to start he day with a good breakfast. Having just stayed at a Hyatt House, I had a great breakfast and an even greater day!

  27. Grocery service sounds fantastic! Combines the convenience of a hotel (getting you things) and the practicality of cooking those groceries at an extended-stay spot.

  28. Yup, the morning spread. In big cities a good breakfast can be pricey and/or inconvenient

  29. Most important for me is the free complimentary breakfast. That saves almost $15. Also no need to drive about for breakfast! Thank you!

  30. Does having coffe/chocolate ice-cream available at all times count as VIR?! 😛

  31. Frankly, I had no idea the Hyatt House line even existed. In the past I have stayed in other extended-residence properties (and actually worked in one for a summer, during college), and I really like the concept. For me the large breakfast is de rigeur; always a good start to a day and one less hurdle to overcome while on the road.

  32. Pick your suite, so I can get the kind of room that meets my needs and mood at the time

  33. The morning spread would be the greatest benefit to me. I love having a hot breakfast available and made to order to begin the day. If I win, I’ll write about my experience of the 2 night-stay. Thanks for the opportunity and the info.

  34. I do not travel for business, I will not have 30 nights in any hotel chain this year.

  35. Remembering when my children were small and we moved frequently through corporate transfers and stayed in many places for a couple of months at a time. This is really not a fun time, so for Hyatt to recognize people like that who are away from home for long periods at a time, is really nice. I think the grocery shopping and having the room stocked upon arrival would be a great perk for those travelers.

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