Hyatt’s Superior Benefits: Full Globalist Breakfast Returning To Rio Las Vegas

World of Hyatt members have been getting value out of staying at the newly-renovated Rio Las Vegas. It’s not among the swankier properties in town, but refreshed rooms combined with benefits for globalists and lower rates have made it attractive – even to pick up an elite night by checking in, if staying somewhere else in town.

With waived resort fees for Globalists, and free restaurant breakfast, there’s a lot of value for money at the elite level. (There have been some issues with the property, however.)

Globalists do value their breakfast, at this property hosted in their Hash House a Go Go restaurant.

However earlier this month there were reports that they had started limiting Globalists to a choice of 4 out of their breakfast menu’s 22 entrée selections.

I found this especially interesting because the member-facing terms seemed like they might allow this – and if so, it was a big loophole that properties could use. However terms between hotels and Hyatt turn out not to permit it.

Here’s why I was concerned. This is what Hyatt’s Globalist breakfast terms say:

Globalists will receive daily complimentary full breakfast (which includes one entrée or standard breakfast buffet, juice, and coffee, as well as tax, gratuity and service charges) for each registered guest in the room, up to a maximum of two (2) adults and two (2) children.

Fortunately we haven’t seen this often where a hotel only offers a portion of its menu (years ago Andaz Maui tried to limit breakfast to a portion of its buffet but did so clumsily – they had to make their standard buffet available in full per the terms). However Rio was still honoring ‘one entrée’.

Hyatt deemed it non-compliant and has worked to get this fixed. A spokesperson tells me,

Rio recently joined World of Hyatt and is still undergoing an extensive renovation. To make sure our members have the best experience, we are working with Rio to ensure their Globalist breakfast offerings are compliant with our program and we anticipate the changes (the removal of the limited entrée options) to be in place shortly.

For avoidance of doubt they added, “Limiting options on the menu is not compliant with the program and the full menu will be available shortly.”

Now that raises an interesting question for me. Alila Marea limits their Globalist breakfast but they are so generous I don’t think I want to bring too much attention to it (and won’t ask Hyatt to follow up with them).

That hotel’s VAGA is a really nice restaurant.

They offer a ‘package’ breakfast menu to Globalists, and it leaves off several items from the full breakfast menu. They do not allow crab cakes for the benedict; no grilled steak as a side; juices are more limited; and they don’t offer the burger, chicken sandwich or tuna melt. There’s no option for the market fish, lobster salad, or yakisoba noodles either.

The package menu lists entrees, a side, and a drink (coffee or tea or juice) as included with no prices.

Now, coffee/tea or juice isn’t compliant with World of Hyatt terms which clearly state both coffee and juice are included in the breakfast benefit. However they do not bring a bill for your breakfast. When I stayed there I ordered both a juice and a coffee and that turned out to be fine. We had extra sides as well as both juice and coffee, again no bill.

You could generally order as much as you wished and they would not charge it. I enjoyed the smoked whitewish. And their side of fruit was really substantive, with a good variety. You’ll see the avocado side as well.

My wife tried the kimchi rice on our first morning and thought it was good. My daughter absolutely loved the pancakes!

Their pastries were absolutely delicious!

Frankly it’s one of the better U.S. Hyatt breakfasts, so it didn’t much bother me that they limited the menu. I’m not sure what would have happened if I ordered something from the a la carte menu – if I’d have been charged or not? That’s something for a future guest to find out I suppose.

Hyatt really does go above and beyond delivering on its breakfast benefit for Globalists.

Just as they do suite upgrades better than competitors, breakfast is a differentiator at the Hyatt Globalist level.

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  1. I don’t mind true “over and above entrees” (e.g. lobster omelette) being excluded, but agree that essentially any standard item on the menu should be included.

  2. There’s a guy who will be in these comments tonight to dispute your assertions of Hyatt’s superiority. You know what he won’t be able to attest to, however? Experiences with wife or kids – because he doesn’t have either. At age 60+. Despite being a Professor at a highly reputable university, living in the country’s most cosmopolitan city, he can’t find a woman, probably because the only way you’ll ever find his marriage in public records is if the spouse is named HONORS, HILTON.

  3. What delicious looking food (and great photography skills)! My current travel habits and preferences make me Team Hilton but it’s great to see Hyatt go above and beyond to try and make up ground against the competition given their inherent disadvantages. Anyone who can enjoy it, live it up and take advantage because I can’t think of any better way to start the day with breakfasts like that!

  4. @High class professional

    Username does not check out. But I’m not surprised, people who brag about how classy they are almost always are actually low class idiots.

  5. I’ll be at the Rio in Vegas Sunday night. Thanks for this helpful article. Looking forward to it!

  6. Honestly, after reading through the Rio’s thread on FT, I’m all for Hyatt gutting the breakfast benefit entirely.

  7. But then you have the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center that has has an ala carte breakfast menu but only gives globalists a buffet that is more limited and worse than the free-for-all-guests breakfast at a Fairfield or Hyatt Place.

  8. @ Dan — Yeah, it is the scammers with multiple friends in tow taking away breakfast that ruin things for legitimate members/stayers. This is another example of disgusting piggish behavior by people who might want to obtain gainful emplyment rather than stuffing their faces with crap from the Hyatt breakfast buffet.

  9. As a Globalist, I should probably consider staying at the Rio, at least if I’m travelling with someone (two free breakfasts). The property seems mispriced as a Cat. 3, but on a midweek stay, they should remove the resort fees for Globalists on paid stays and that would be about half the bill at most times. You do sort of want a car if you’re staying there to at least get to the Strip. Have there been material room upgrades for Globalists at the Rio? The problem for people like me is that many of us also have Wyndham Earner cards that give us Diamond status at the Caesars’ properties, which enables us to get rooms on the Strip (no breakfast) for under 20 bucks on most weekdays. And sometimes we also get additional status match benefits (like free rooms) at other casino hotels. It’s kind of an embarrassment of hotel riches, making the Rio deal a bit less attractive.

  10. @Chopsticks

    The rooms in the Ipanema tower are re-done.

    The bathrooms really should have had a full re-do but they are functional with a separate dressing area with its own sink and counter

    Standard tooms run 525-600 SF

    The place is littered with “Globalists”

    Breakfast for now anyway is at hash house – a- go go the portion sizes are so massive that my husband and I can share a breakfast item. and be STUFFED.

    Generally they have included bloody marys with breakfast

    Food at hash house is a heart attack on a plate for the most part

    Supposedly, when the new lobby restaurant in the lobby opens – Globalists will be able to use that one as well.

    The base suite is entirely underwhelming,

    It is basically a standard room with an additional half bath and a bedroom on 19 /20 floors in the Ipanema tower. Though the bath attached to the bedroom has a jetted tub.

    Unfortunately its in the same room as the toilet and has a shower curtain but no separate shower

    I haven’t seen any of the two level ones in the other tower yet

    As a “Globalist” I have always been given a renovated room.

    I am in Las Vegas 3-4 times a month usually one to three night stays, midweek.

    Yes it is a schlepp to the strip if you don’t have a car, But car share and Taxis are the Vegas way

    Since, I drive in from S. California it is less of an issue.

    Free parking at Rio unlike anywhere on the Strip and No resort fees as a Globalist

    The “Strip” sucks anyway. I do everything I can to avoid it

  11. The Eliza Jane in New Orleans should be investigated. They limit by $ which eliminates most the menu.

  12. I was glad to see that Rio/Hyatt has responded to our dissatisfaction at the Rio’s breakfast changes due to misuse by some Globalists. We arrived for a stay soon after the last change and were quite disappointed. The choices were extremely limiting. If you wanted eggs, meat and potatoes toast or biscuit was on the forbidden list. If you wanted a waffle or pancake, no meat for you. The pendulum definitely swung in the opposite direction! We did share how we felt like second class citizens as globalist and our very abbreviated menu. So glad they are listening to their loyal customers.

  13. The gild hall in nyc gives you a card with four choices- from a much larger menu. Still a decent breakfast- but likely not compliant

  14. @GSHLGB — thanks. I’ll have to retrain myself to consider staying at the Rio. As a Diamond, Ceasars has been giving me on-demand mid-week stays for under $20, so I haven’t bothered considering alternatives. I assume the Rio’s prices jump around all the time like Ceasars?

  15. The full menu has not returned as of yet (Memorial Day weekend) and yesterday I could switch out crispy potatoes for their griddled potatoes but not today as my server said no substitutions. What’s odd is the price for globalist breakfast entrees ($26) rung up by the cashier is still the 2nd highest price on the full menu (steak and eggs is the most expensive at $29). I don’t pretend to know how hotel restaurant economics work but I don’t get the big deal with allowing the full menu. As a globalist, I’ve been able to stay here midweek for $20, resort fees are waived, and have always been upgraded to a suite in the renovated tower. The Rio will be my go-to Vegas property so long as the low prices last.

  16. Grand hyatt Tokyo limited buffet to one in the lounge, which is not the same as the regular buffet/ no egg order permitted apparently because when I ordered egg whites it came with a bill for the full price of the full buffet, about $33 for some egg whites scrambled!
    What a fail. I’m done with all loyalty programs. FHR through Expedia is often better than what I’d get through Hyatt or other programs where owners are constantly at war with the most loyal guests. It tires me to even read about it anymore

  17. @Chopsticks

    $20 a night is putting you in Harrahs, the Linq, or Flamingo… None of which are fresh . 2 of 3 have in wall AC units like a Motel 6

    I cannot stand Caesar’s properties

    Caesar’s Palace is also a Cellular black hole. Cannot comment on any other properties in their portfolio.

    One visit to Caesars Palace was one too many for me on a Amex FHR Stay Even using the Diamond Registration line

    Charging for Wifi for a 3rd device… in this day and age, and for crap connections 2 Adults, that is minimally 4 devices.

    As to the Strip in general, I despise paying $20 for a .75 ounce pour Caesars group standard pour )for a Tanqueray and Tonic before tax and tip.

    Rates in typical non weekends, non holidays at Rio range from 24- 44 per night.

    I have 16 nights booked in November at $21 per night. (Work thing)

    They will likely be pushing rates upward soonish.gven the ADR on the Strip last quarter was $212.

  18. Checked into the Rio last night (5/28) and still received limited Globalist menu this morning. I wouldn’t mind if the options on the limited menu weren’t so watered down compared to their standard menu offerings. 🙁

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