If You’re Underage Drinking On A Plane, Don’t Waste It On Bud Light

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  1. You don’t have to be underage and drinking on a plane. Anyone drinking on a plane shouldn’t waste it on Bud Light!

  2. U.S. drinking laws, which vary by state, have a number of exceptions permitting minors to drink legally in some circumstances. This Twitter dumbass is nowhere close to sneaky.

  3. Contrarian POV: drink what you like, even if that’s Bud Light

    Refining your tastes in alcohol can take you down a very expensive path… not that I’d know, of course.

  4. Have some dignity. Bud Light is objectively trash. Great beers are the same price or slightly more. Finances are a separate matter, but I will say, if one’s budget is so tight that Bud Light is okay but a slightly more expensive, yet significantly more refined, beer is not — then — have I got some advice. Drink water.

  5. Contrarian Contrarian POV: Bud Light is a waste of calories. At 4.2 % ABV, it doesn’t taste good enough to bother. You can certainly get wasted easier for less on higher alcohol brews. You don’t need to go full IPA, at least Dos Equis is 5.5% and tastes a hell of a lot better than Bud Light. (There is a linear relationship between calories and ABV, so don’t think you can get wasted on the calorie cheap.)

    FWIW, the safest drink to order when the alcohol quality is suspect is always a G&T, provided they give you a little lime to squeeze in. Although during the pandemic, we did run into an Admirals Club once where the gin was so bad, even that didn’t work. When you can’t even source New Amsterdam, you’re hurting.

  6. Young people know you drink Bud Ice when supply is hard to come by. 🙂

  7. On a plane was always a great place to illegally drink. FAs never think to check ID and even if they did you have the great excuse “oh no my passport was in my bag that got gate checked!” Only bloody marys for me, though. I’ve never had Budweiser straight up, only tried their canned michelada which was alright, though I make a better one and surely not with American beer.

  8. Teenagers are so stupid. Why would anyone waste a tweet trying to draw attention to this?

    Secondarily, is there an actual federal drinking age? Drinking age laws are set at the state level.

  9. I believe that in the 70s the federal government forced all states to raise their drinking age to 21 (some states, NY for one, were 18 or 19) or forgo federal highway funds.

  10. @Jon – The Federal Uniform Drinking Age Act of 1984.

    Although to be clear, the law only prohibits purchase, not consumption. (In my state, parents can give their children alcohol at any age within the family home, but even if it didn’t, I would have been serving them wine with dinner the French way whenever I and they felt like it.) So even though airlines have a policy of not serving those under 21 under whatever law, technically there is no law against consuming the alcohol, especially free alcohol, it’s just policy. Unless you wanted to argue that purchasing the ticket was also purchasing the services that came with it, including a “free” drink. But I doubt the fine print mentions alcohol in any way, so that may not apply. It’s complicated.

  11. Beer is so 1970’s
    Have an edible brownie with bottled water, lay the seat back, and enjoy the ride.

  12. Who cares? Drink what you want. I happen to like bud light. I drink it all the time. Cheap? Not any cheaper than corona, Modelo, Sam Adams etc ….which I drink as well. Pretty pathetic there is a post about what type of beer a person is drinking.

  13. My Canadian friends consider light/American* beer as fit only for children and the elderly.

    *To them, same thing

  14. @carletonm – 1. Your Canadian friends are idiots. There are lots of great American beers and not all of them are “light”. Even the Europeans acknowledge the advances in beer production by the American craft movement and are rapidly following suit.

    2. Unfortunately, mass market beer production and mass market taste driven by advertising are pretty much still in the Crap Age. If you knew how mass market beer was made, you might question your drinking it. (See high-gravity brewing. Basically, make beer concentrate, then add water to dilute beer to desired strength. Want light beer, add more water.)

    3. AB InBev, MolsonCoors, etc. know how to make good beer, I’ve had good craft products from them, but they just choose not to. Even when they take over a craft brand, like Goose Island, it immediately goes to hell when they start brewing it in one of their megabreweries. You could instantly spot the difference in Goose Island IPA when they stopped making it in Chicago. FWIW, any Goose Island products still made in Chicago, check the label, are still decent – tends to be the small batch runs.

  15. Kids really dont have any shame these days, all for the chance of being viral. They dont care that theyd probably get globally criticized for their stupid stunts.

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