IHG’s New Most Expensive Awards May Be 100,000 Points Per Night

Yesterday I wrote about IHG Rewards Club adding two casino resorts in Macau. Reward nights there were pricing at 75,000 points per night when:

  • The previous highest price for an IHG hotel was 70,000 points per night
  • And even that is brand new this year, up from a previous highest price of 60,000
  • Despite room rates frequently around $200.

On the one hand a new highest price is always concerning, since it creates a path for other hotels to creep up in price as well. On the other hand these properties aren’t ‘really’ part of IHG, and perhaps the agreement that brought them into the chain just makes them expensive (IHG has to overpay to get these redemption nights, and is charging members accordingly).

In fact IHG has even more expensive prices than that. Reader Jerry points out, “Check different dates like 12/31/2019, they charge 100K per night.”

I don’t actually see reward nights available for New Years Eve at either property, however searching that night does bring up a property list that shows the hotels at 100,000 points per night.

We’ll see how these properties get integrated into the program, perhaps a few days of kinks need to be worked out, but prices of 75,000 and 100,000 points per night are concerning to say the least.

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  1. I recently lowered my valuation of IHG points to .35. They will finally lose our business after $200,000 spent over 15 years.

  2. These points cost listings are ridiculous. IHG needs to fix their program before they lose customers.

  3. I would like to let you know that when I checked the date of October 26, 2019 for both properties, the price came out to be 80,000 points.

  4. This could be IHG piloting its long-feared dynamic pricing.

    Also, a great workaround for this type of nonsense is to buy ambassador for 40k points, then use the BOGO cert on one of these horribly valued properties. Yes, you pay cash for one of the nights, but you also get better value out of your points than $.0025

  5. IHG lost my business with no free breakfast and raising their redemption rates year over year. Its a sad program.

  6. @Raylan

    I have tried to use the Ambassador 2f1 at the Venetian. I could never find availability so I called. Can’t use 2f1 with Alliance properties…..

  7. The reason why there was little incentive to become an elite member with IHG was no upgrades on award travel and no breakfast benefit
    Now with destination/ resort fees and overpricing to award travel on points
    I would say its game over
    No interest in their program except to burn points and be done with them
    It wont be long before New York /San Francisco is 95,000 points with destination fees poor upgrades and no breakfast.Did I say no upgrades if using your points as permitted by terms and conditions?No thanks!!!
    Ive lost interest in their points currency for everything they offer redemption rooms points to miles transfers etc.Everything sucks big time with them,They also have the worst customer service overseas I have ever experienced in 40 years with any hotel company. Unhelpful uncaring soulless individuals that seem like uneducated prisoners rather than professional customer service reps..Its hilarious and sad at the same time they offer a survey on the completion of the call and the same crappy service is offered year after year regardless

  8. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? It’s not like those properties are aspirational or something. It’s not even Kimpton…

  9. @dwondermeant,

    +1 x 1,000!

    I just had an issue with that wonderful Filipino call center. I have been waiting for the free night for staying 4 award nights with the IHG Premier Card from Chase. When the reservation was made I had the previous version of the card. Reservations were made in August. After numerous mailing and email promotions, I upgraded my card in Dec. My stay was in April. I was told, “you will not get the 10% points rebate, because you no longer hold that card. Furthermore since your reservation was before you had obtained the Premier card, you will not get the rebate of the 4th night of an award stay because your reservation was made before you had the Premier Card.” Typical “bait and switch”. I am complaining to IHG headquarters. I am not holding my breath. As far as IHG goes, they can, as a corporation, go to hell! I will use the free nights from the credit card, but no longer pay for Ambassador. They just plain suck as a hotel chain.

  10. IHG / Chase has been killing themselves with the 40,000 limit on the annual free night and with raising points needed on the IC Hotels. The saver awards are for hotels that are well off the beaten path or off season.

    Many CP and IC hotels fake upgrades and really do not offer any member benefits. Remember when you got a free newspaper at your door each day? Free bottles of water? Not a bill for $3.00 for a bottle of water.

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