I’m Giving Away $400 to My Blog Readers. Click Here to Enter. All You Have to Do Is Be Positive!

It’s been a tough 18 months in the frequent flyer world. It’s easier than ever to earn points, but the cost of awards has gone up, up, up.

Miles and points have been very good to me, and I do my best to give back where I can. I don’t make a public show of my charity, but I do my best to give the best advice I can and to offer giveaways when things are offered to me. And when I have gift cards, I can either turn them into money orders or do various frequent flyer experiments, or I can give them away.

So here, I thought I would give away $400. And what better way to give them away than to my readers who comment on this post?

Goodness knows it’s been a tough 15 months or so for frequent flyers.

And that’s just a small sampling.

So I would like to focus on something positive for a change, and I’m looking to you for help to do so!

Here are the prizes:

    (4) $100 gift cards

So here’s how you enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post. Say something positive above miles and points, blogs, forums, or your fellow travelers.
  2. Enter by Noon Eastern, Friday May 30. That’s 4 days from this writing, and there are four prizes.
  3. Enter no more than 4 times. Four prizes, four days to enter, you can enter by commenting up to four times. (It doesn’t have to be one per day, the only limitation is that you cannot enter twice in a row you have to at least wait for someone else to enter before you enter again each time.)
  4. Four prize winners will be drawn at random. As in past, I will use random.org for the drawing.
  5. Fine print. Void where prohibited by law. All of my decisions are final and unappealable, I want to make giveaways as easy as possible and with the fewest headaches possible.

So, what do you like about miles and points, blogs, forums, or your fellow travelers?

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  1. I also love experiencing business class, which I couldn’t afford otherwise.

  2. There are still great value to be had with miles and points and way ways to earn them!

  3. And being able to learn new things every day on forums and blogs like yours means a lot to me, too!

  4. While getting tougher recently, the mileage game has allowed my family to travel someplace every year for free. I hope it keeps going!

  5. Thanks to the points game, I can visit my grandparents in taiwan every year, which is important as they are getting up their in the years.

  6. Even with the devaluation of Hilton Honors, their properties and services cater well for me, with family as they are often (always thus far), offers free extra bed for my kids wherever we go. SPG outside of the US loves to charge extra, AccorHotels & IHG depend on location and the reservation department, Marriott almost always and etc.

  7. Super grateful for the ability to travel and often upgraded beyond my dreams.

  8. We learn so much as a result of the blogs and have traveled to places we would likely have not gone.

  9. Not having an expense account, finding ways to utilize credit cards for traveling ….. priceless.

  10. Playing the game of miles and points is like a puzzle and you feel so good when you find a combination that is a win for you!

  11. Love the bonuses that amount to free travel. I know we’re so used to it, but if you think about it, it’s crazy you can have that just for signing up for e credit card! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway, Gary!

  12. Thanks to miles and points, I’m seeing new places and taveling a lot more than I would without them.

  13. I love collecting points! I look at it like a game- and am always trying to find new ways to win 🙂 People I work with used to think I was nuts UNTIL I told them that my husband and I just got Business Class tickets from Canada to Australia for free with points. Now they are all asking me how they should get started collecting!

  14. Blogs like this one help keep me up to date without wading through press releases and sporadic postings

  15. Getting ridiculously cheap hotel stays at random places a couple hours away.

  16. I love collecting miles and points. Your blog is amazing. Thanks for all the work and the deals!

  17. Miles have helped – and continue to help – make travel possible for my family of four!

  18. Not having ‘paid’ for a hotel room in years after all the points I’ve earned based on good tips from people like Gary.

  19. Love the daily topics!Seems like a lot of people traveling this spring. Be careful!

  20. Love the daily topics!Seems like a lot of people traveling this spring. Be careful!

  21. The blogs like this one really are great for keeping on top of the different programs and changes

  22. Part of the fun of this hobby (or obsession) is just in constantly learning about new opportunities, destinations, and changes within this ever-changing game! This blog in particular is amazing in keeping us constantly updated!

  23. I find that fellow travelers will tend to be helpful: assisting with bags, switching seats, etc. it helps make traveling more enjoyable!

  24. I can’t believe all the places we have been on FF miles! The blogs have given me all sorts of information that I wish I had known years ago. Thanks for what you do!

  25. Without miles, I wouldn’t get to have a great adventure each year exploring a new part of the world.

  26. I am happiest when planning my next trip and figuring out how to have the best experience leveraging airline miles to do something I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

  27. This blog keeps me motivated to maximize mile earning through things I do everyday anyways!

  28. Using miles and points, I’m able to fly my parents for a trip to HK on Cathay and a stay at the Conrad – a trip they would have never been able to do on their own!

  29. Without miles, I wouldn’t be able to take my parents on a trip of a lifetime to Australia/NZ.

  30. With miles and points, I’m taking the kiddos to Orlando – they are so excited!

  31. I get to amaze my wife with free “stuff,” since she essentially remains oblivious to the “points and miles” game.

  32. Thanks for providing ways to get free miles and points to extend accounts from expiring!

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