I’m Giving Away $400 to My Blog Readers. Click Here to Enter. All You Have to Do Is Be Positive!

It’s been a tough 18 months in the frequent flyer world. It’s easier than ever to earn points, but the cost of awards has gone up, up, up.

Miles and points have been very good to me, and I do my best to give back where I can. I don’t make a public show of my charity, but I do my best to give the best advice I can and to offer giveaways when things are offered to me. And when I have gift cards, I can either turn them into money orders or do various frequent flyer experiments, or I can give them away.

So here, I thought I would give away $400. And what better way to give them away than to my readers who comment on this post?

Goodness knows it’s been a tough 15 months or so for frequent flyers.

And that’s just a small sampling.

So I would like to focus on something positive for a change, and I’m looking to you for help to do so!

Here are the prizes:

    (4) $100 gift cards

So here’s how you enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post. Say something positive above miles and points, blogs, forums, or your fellow travelers.
  2. Enter by Noon Eastern, Friday May 30. That’s 4 days from this writing, and there are four prizes.
  3. Enter no more than 4 times. Four prizes, four days to enter, you can enter by commenting up to four times. (It doesn’t have to be one per day, the only limitation is that you cannot enter twice in a row you have to at least wait for someone else to enter before you enter again each time.)
  4. Four prize winners will be drawn at random. As in past, I will use random.org for the drawing.
  5. Fine print. Void where prohibited by law. All of my decisions are final and unappealable, I want to make giveaways as easy as possible and with the fewest headaches possible.

So, what do you like about miles and points, blogs, forums, or your fellow travelers?

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    It’s still pretty easy to use miles to fly locally in Y.
    It’s not the most wanted scenario, but it’s handy. And cheap.

  2. Points and miles can be given away to needy folks facing emergency flights, medical needs, etc.

  3. Even with miles and points devalued so often and so steeply almost daily, it is with our miles and points that we can “afford” to travel and experience so many parts of the world we’ve dreamed about visiting for so long. We hoard miles and points, which I know is a “no-no,” but taking that one great trip a year fulfills our dreams! Thanks for all your insight over the years. Your blog has enabled us to earn and spend our miles and points to the best possible advantage!

  4. You don´t have to go to United, AA or Delta! Let´s use the 2X1 Lifemiles promotion!

  5. Despite all the devaluations and bad news, miles and points remain the best way to get a “rebate” back on your travel spend and cheaper than paying outright for aspirational travel!

  6. I don’t want to spend thousands on airfare to hawaii, so I’m glad the mainland to hawaii award flights did not go up too much


    Let’s face it. Despite all devaluations, we still are privileged. It’s still amazing to explore the world paying very little in air fares and flying comfortably. It’s an exciting time to be alive 🙂

  8. SWA got me my first trip to NYC and an upcoming first trip to Napa Valley! Even after their deval, Rapid Rewards is one of my favorite programs.

  9. Miles are still better than money!!! I can´t afford a business class ticket with money, but can afford with miles! =)

  10. As long as I can fly from NYC to ORD via LAX, I still can earn lots of miles

  11. Miles and points help us able to have 2.5 weeks in Europe for less than $4000. It was such a dream vacation.

  12. Still some great values to be had with Marriott, SPG, even Hilton with 5 nights for 4 on points.

  13. Even with devaluations, i’m still trying to save up for once in a lifetime rewards for my parents!

  14. In five years miles have taken me further then I thought I’d ever get in my lifetime

  15. I appreciate the willingness of everyone to share their expertise with me. I’m fairly new to the game and I’ve learned a lot over the last year.

  16. Despite the devaluation, miles and points still allow premium travel at reasonable prices! My wife and I used miles to fly business class to Europe on our Honeymoon!

  17. Even after trashing their award programs on the net, they still let me fly on their airlines!

  18. We all went to my son’s graduation in Chicago because of airline miles.

  19. I’m thankful for my upcoming trip o SYD on qantas F, for only 140k usairways miles

  20. I love to travel with my adult children. I have learned so much from reading the blogs that I can now redeem points to take them with me on vacations they would not be able to afford!

  21. We are so lucky because most people have no idea about how to travel for free, while we do.

  22. One time someone commented “nice post Octavian!”, that was pretty cool

  23. I’ve been able to give my mom the trip of a lifetime… first class to Thailand!

  24. We are actually thinking of living in a hotel if we relocate for a new job. I would have never thought of that as an option before reading all the online travel blogs.

  25. Still great to be able to find seats at the last minute using miles and not having to pay exorbitant prices.

  26. I like that I get to fly with my wife to places we might not usually be able to.

  27. I love figuring out how to book awards online. It’s such a challenge it’s half the fun of travel.

  28. A (virtually) free ticket to anywhere is ALWAYS worth the effort. Travel is like a fine wine, better each time. Indulge.

  29. I am positive that I will travel more and pay less thanks to boarding area.

  30. The thing I like about miles? How easy it is to accumulate thanks to credit cards and shopping portals

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