“I’m Instagram Famous” Woman Gets Kicked Out Of American Airlines Coach

Morgan Osman was kicked off of an American Airlines Boeing 737, and she found the whole situation absurd because she says she’s “Instagram famous.” But she was flying coach.

She appears to have taken her Instagram page with 1 million followers offline since the onboard incident. I must not spend enough time on Instagram, because I had no idea who she was or that she apparently dated Britney Spears’ husband. And I’ve never heard of the reality shows she’s been on (Season 5 of Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club? VH1’s Miami Monke?).

In the video she claims to have done nothing wrong, and says “call me a b- again” and tells a passenger to “shut the f- up.” It’s when she notices she’s being filmed that she declares herself Instagram famous.

Note before you watch that the language is not safe for work, not safe for airports, and not safe for anyone introspective about modern life.

If you prefer to watch the video with salty language bleeped out, try here. Apparently Instagram famous not only doesn’t get you an upgrade, it doesn’t prevent you from being kicked off the plane.

Now, there’s actual famous like being an A-List Hollywood celebrity. People broadly know who you are. I spent 18 years in D.C., which is often regarded as “Hollywood for ugly people.” There’s an idea known as famous for D.C.. In most of the country nobody has any idea who cabinet secretaries are, but in D.C. they’re rock stars.

I can sort of relate to Morgan Osman in a strange way, since this blog has made me famous in airport lounges (a notch below Instagram famous, and the lowest level of renown). I love it when readers come up and say hello in airports and on planes (though I’ve been approached in the men’s room of a Centurion lounge, let’s wait until we’re done with our business and wash our hands to shake hello). It’s cool to get hellos at check-in and breakfast at places like the Andaz Maui and Park Hyatt Maldives.

Just like Morgan Osman, I sometimes fly American Airlines economy on domestic trips. Unlike Ms. Osman I don’t believe I’m accorded any special privileges, other than complimentary Main Cabin Extra, priority boarding, and a free cocktail and snack, all thanks to Executive Platinum AAdvantage status. Perhaps she needs to be introduced to Instant Pass?

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  1. Gary, if you are going to be internet famous (and congrats for that), you should make the effort to proofread and copy edit your posts. I see multiple oopsies in this post. Take pride in your work.

    Now, as for this insta-famous passenger…just another overly entitled traveler who thinks they are the sh@t. Well, I have news for Morgan: a lot of people are “local” celebrities. Once you leave your community, no one cares, so sit down, shut up and let the plane depart.

  2. @SOBE ER DOC – respectfully, I’m comfortable with this post as-written. I write the way that I speak, which is colloquially. And I’m very much not a prescriptivist here. I believe the purpose of writing is communication. So if you want to bust me for leaving out a comment, such as after “Apparently” I’m just not going to see that as a big deal.

  3. @ Gary — I’m in your camp on the writing. It’s generally unnecssary to be so formal, and spelling and grammar are for computers not real people. 🙂

  4. Before you were “airline lounge famous”, you were FlyerTalk “famous”. Famous or not, you’re a good guy and not a “rub-it-in-your-nose”, “look at-me-based-on-how-I-look” drama queen. But you’re my favorite reincarnation before his time of Jerry Springer of The Jerry Springer Show fame.

    Most of the cabinet secretaries aren’t recognized by most people in DC, although some wonder who based on the presence of a security detail for those who have whatever they have.

    Would you say you’re more or less publicly known than Randy Petersen at this point?

  5. I once dated a woman who looked and had a similar attitude. Horrible in bed, thankfully did not last…

  6. Is it just me, or does a skin-tight body suit look more ‘ho than the skin-revealing outfits that result in being kicked off a flight?

  7. Why was she being kicked off the plane? Anyway I respect her confidence and her restraint. Probably many uglier words than bum that she could have used.

    If you are at 1MM+ followers, you’ll have brands reaching out to pay you for marketing. This pays better than a lot of jobs out there, let’s not sneer at something just because it’s too modern for traditionalists.

  8. She seems to misunderstand that “Instagram famous” is a sarcastic/derogatory thing, not something that people actually celebrate.

  9. @Gene:

    “…and spelling and grammar are for computers not real people…”

    Well, all those hours that I spent getting the proper education that led to a great career sure made me feel that I was “real people” but maybe I was wrong; I feel real.

    If it turns out I’m not “real people”, I swear that I wasn’t sitting near Tiffany Gomas on her flight and didn’t cause her cringe-worthy outburst and subsequent stomach-churning campaign to cash in on a sad incident.

  10. @Martin Leclerc – “Instagram famous. That’s one step above being a famous Canadian.”

    Ohhhh, above even William Shatner??? The nerve!

  11. I think she used that “Instagram famous” line in a sarcastic way to show she doesn’t mind others recording her and making her more of a topic on Instagram, TikTok or whatever online site that gets her attention since she seems to know she is an attention-seeker and attention-seeking puts butter on her bread.

  12. Ohhh look at me. I have big boobs (fake) and a vagina. And a big mouth to go with it. Ten years or less from now she won’t be able to give it away for free.

  13. Good for you AA! Who the heck is she anyways. . .D list. . .Selfebrity. . . famous in her own mind.

  14. @Gary
    I agree with you that leaving a comma out of a sentence is hardly worth mentioning. What bothers me about your not proofreading is not using the appropriate word to convey what you are intending to say. For example: writing “can” rather than “than” or “head” in place of “heard”. You wrote “comment” when what you meant was “comma”.

    Your information and observations are interesting and I appreciate your efforts, but please read what you write before posting it. It’s distracting.

  15. I’m a lawyer, and we argue about the meaning of commas and “is” (and get paid for so doing). However, on a free internet blog, being critical of lack of proofreading is squirrelish. Even in most business correspondence, it’s not cost-effective.

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