In Which I Discover Biscoff Spread

The greatest thing about the US Airways Grand Slam may not even be the 100,000 miles I’m going to earn. It’s the fact that it introduced me to Biscoff Spread.

GoRemy once tweeted that cashew butter is like peanut butter but with you owning two less dollars.

Biscoff spread is like peanut butter… but with Biscoff.

I was first introduced to Biscoff on WestAir regional flights in California 15 years ago. I was thrilled to find them on Skywest not long after. And now they’re an airline staple.

And now they’re a spread.

There is no great stagnation.

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  1. I first had the stuff years ago but it was called Speculoos (or something close to that) and was served to me in a Dutch B&B. Same brand, actually. I was thrilled when the Biscoff site listed the product last year and I didn’t have to order overseas or wait to shop in Dutch or Danish grocery stores.

  2. I agree. I can get Biscoff by the bagful at SkyClubs, but I was excited to order two of these for the GS hit. If it’s half as good as you say, then I made the right choice!

  3. I know that I’m in a tiny minority, but i can’t stand the stuff. It’s just too much for me. Now the Anna’s, on the other hand, are quite yummy.

  4. I agree – I just found the spread and am in LOVE with it!

    Biscoff has a “Biscoff Bakeoff” right now on Facebook, and my entry is the only one with the spread in it. I made caramel crunch cupcakes with crumbled biscoff in the batter, the caramel center and sprinkled on top the biscoff buttercream.

    The recipe is at the link if you’re interested! Voting ends today, so if you wanted to vote that would be amazing too 🙂 I’m in the top 10 (for now!) so I have a good shot at being in the semi-finals

  5. Oh yeah Im also a new convert to the spread…may be better than the US miles! May never have heard of it otherwise. Good on bagels, also those Pepperidge Farm Chessmen butter cookies

  6. Try making a cheesecake crust with Biscoffs instead of graham crackers for a real taste treat.

  7. Love Biscoff Spread – probably too much. The Grand Slam promo always my excuse to order a couple of jars.

  8. Gary please look at the ingredients. It’s NO-NO if you wanna be healthy and feel well, too much junk in there. Instead stick with a peanut butter.
    Great recipe: blended apple and 1-2 tea spoons of a peanut butter. Slice of a wholegrain toast topped with this spread is unbeatable.

  9. I agree, this Biscoff spread is AMAZING!!! My grocery store was giving out free samples. Sadly, I kept returning for the samples…they weren’t actually selling the jars yet.

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