INCREDIBLE: High Schoolers at Hyatt Regency Louisville Break Into Star Spangled Banner

At 11 p.m. on Wednesday high school students competing at the Kentucky Music Educators Association’s All-State Choir came out of their rooms at the Hyatt Regency Louisville to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The effect of the singers on each floor of the atrium hotel makes for powerful acoustics.

Atrium of the Hyatt Regency Austin

The video comes from Garrett Mager who was woken in his room and went to see what it was. The video has been viewed on Facebook over 24 million times.

If I had a criticism though it’s that all things equal maybe they could have done it at 9 p.m. before many guests had gone to sleep. I realize the hotel is quieter at 11 but it’s that way for a reason..

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  1. Maybe they chose to do it at 11PM because there’s less noise to affect the acoustic at that time of the day

  2. When white kids do this, it’s cute and applause worthy. When brown kids do it to bring attention to police brutality, it’s considered a riot. Fuck white privilege!

  3. Ugh, please no. As an American, I loathe the star spangled banner. It’s a song celebrating war and slavery, and it’s high time to get rid of such a backwards and awful song. We shouldn’t be celebrating the values extolled in that barbaric and racist piece, and older folks need to wake up and see the reality of what the song really stands for instead of being blinded by their nationalism.

    And yes, WokeAF is right. If those kids were brown, it doesn’t matter what hey we’re singing. The reaction, especially on right wing news media, would be that the kids were creating a riot or just trying to attention whore. I’d be downright pissed if this happened to me, a bunch of white bread nationalists think that the banner is a great song? #EndTheBanner

  4. I have heard some racist people make disgusting comments on these blogs but WokAF has to be one of the most racist of them all. I really hope that WokAF seeks professional mental health therapy in order to release that anger and aggression And become a more loving and kind person. It is very unhealthy to wear those color glasses. See the world for what it really is and not as a us versus them mentality.

  5. So where were the adults? Which adults leading this group of insensitive and immature male teens thought to allow this? This is a hotel, after all. If you want us to be lifted off our beds by hearing teenage boys singing, then you really have a lot of nerve . . . or no brains. This story celebrates boorish behavior.

  6. IDIOT humans HAVE to make it about COLOR!!! And IDIOTS they ARE obviously w/o a J O B…so all they do is sit around… and make stupidity look like something else.
    BUT stupidity is stupidity no matter how one TRIES to make it different.

  7. Amen Sigs! This “person??” has BIG problems!!!
    Can u IMAGINE him/her/it Tsing a CHILD??? Omg! Prison material for sure

  8. Great we have another racist and a breadist on here. What do you have against white bread Ray? Are you just standing up for wheat bread? Do you have issues with gluten-free bread?

  9. @sigs99 s I’m pretty sure he’s being sarcastic, and yes, I get it.. It has almost reached THAT level of mental disorder nowadays.

  10. Explorist here, 11K annual spend. What kind of compensation should I expect to receive from the disruption to sleep? TIA

  11. Just FYI, this is has been going as a tradition for some time. The hotel and guests are well aware of this annual event. It’s talented kids of all races from across the state.

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