Incredible Video: Passengers Disembarking a Plane That Isn’t There

Passengers streamed off a jet bridge late one night in Phuket, Thailand – only there doesn’t appear to be a plane anywhere in sight that they’re disembarking from.

The video was taken by a Bangkok Airways pilot from the cockpit of his nearby aircraft.

As Fox Mulder learned from Dana Scully, there’s always a scientific explanation for the paranormal — no matter how implausible,

[T]he jet bridge in question was, in fact, empty and not being used.

The “ghost-like” travellers captured were simply because the busy brightly-lighted airport was being reflected on the bridge.

Phuket, Thailand’s airport isn’t Southeast Asia’s only haunted airport. Here’s a ladder moving itself in Singapore’s Changi airport earlier this year while terminal 4 was under construction.

The Truth Is Out There.

(HT: Jeff Edwards)

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  1. Lol. It was reflection from passenger walking in the hall on the left side. The person who capture the original video already explain it. I read it yesterday.

    Good clickbait tough. Is that how you make through conde nast?

  2. Gary I have a couple questions because you might help me solve a mystery.

    A month or so ago, I got a “notification” on my iPhone from Youtube about some big news story involving Chinese fighter jets and a US Carrier. Odd – because I have notifications turned off for Youtube. Against my normally sound judgment I opened it and it was weird footage of Chinese jets with a very good, but still obviously computer-generated voice narrating the events (which only loosely matched the headline). I’ve been scratching my head for a long time trying to figure out if my phone got hacked or what.

    So then this video – So very similar to the one I referenced above. The narrator is clearly not human as the inflection and cadence don’t quite fit. So my question is – any idea what’s behind this video, the computer-generated narrator, and who is producing these “news stories”? I agree it is a cool video, just curious if you have any insights on who is creating these that would allow me to connect the dots. I might even be able to track down the fighter jets story in my history if it would help.

  3. Yikes! That ladder video is freaky! I hadn’t seen that one before. Is there a scientific explanation for that one too?

  4. Ok, I get the reflected hallway thing. Is there an original clip with the whole illusion being shown? Also, is the reason why it looks so odd to me, for a hallway, due to just cultural differences? Because I only see people walking in one direction in the hallway reflection. Whereas, in the US it can be a mess that we sort of weave our way in and out of; jet bridges though we all go in one direction. So, to me it looks more like a jet bridge than a hallway. If I saw two way traffic of passengers I’d have known immediately it wasn’t a jet bridge. And, it’s super coincidental that the jet bridge we see is aligned perfectly to the hallway from the planes angle and the people are going in the correct direction, as if disembarking. I’m not insinuating anything paranormal, I’m just pointing out why it appears so odd. It’s easy to look at it and wonder..

  5. Alynn C. The pilot was in the cockpit of the plane he had just flew, recording the reflection of the passengers disembarking from his plane. So they’re being reflected from a jet bridge that is directly parallel to the empty jet bridge.

  6. I have 3 problems with this explanation. 1. These passengers were moving at a faster than normal pace. 2. They were only visible in black and white. 3. They were oddly evenly spaced as they were moving. I don’t think calling it a reflection can answer any of these questions. Fascinating video.

  7. Or maybe the doomed Airplane was given permission by the higher power to take the passengers back, so the spirits can go home to their loved ones for closure and final goodbyes.

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