Inflight Fight Leaves Blood Splatters After Woman Tries to Go to Lavatory Without Shoes

A Saturday Ryanair flight (natch) from Glasgow to Tenerife in the Canary Islands saw a fight break out after a woman went to the lavatory without shoes on.

A “very drunk man pulled her up about it, saying that someone would stand on her toes” according to another passenger. Then the woman’s boyfriend got involved. And more alcohol got involved.

Once on the ground the two men “started arguing, both being very drunk they started to fight, and the man in the video with lots of blood was trying to get the man to calm down and he got hit on the nose.”

Passengers looked on, shouting to stop. A flight attendant tried to intervene. Eventually police took the men into custody.

Apparently there was still blood splattered on an overhead bin when the aircraft left for its next flight.

One of the most basic tips from this blog is to always wear shoes in the lavatory. Always wear them, too, going through airport security. In fact you really don’t want your feet to touch much that’s involved in air travel. I never thought failure to follow this advice would instigate a fight, however.

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  1. Core problem here, of course, is alcohol

    As for shoes, I personally don’t want my feet (or socks) to come into contact with an airport floor or aircraft carpet or lavatory floor, but that’s my choice. If someone else wants to do so, what do I care?.

  2. If this blog has taught us anything aside from “don’t take off your shoes during air transit”, it’s “don’t fly UK to/from Tenerife”…

  3. This has nothing to do with irrational germophobia (the feet are the most preferable body part to be exposed to external contaminants, no?). This is about idiot violent drinks that need to be put on the no fly list (that ppl like you cry about being unfair)

  4. British tabloids are saying the nose was bit off … but then again those are British tabloids

  5. @Matt: “Core problem here, of course, is alcohol”

    Core problem here, of course, <>

    No. They don’t need alcohol to behave like this.

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