Inside Delta’s Brand New Tumi Business Class Amenity Kits (Plus Something for Coach Too!)

Delta has introduced new Tumi amenity kits, and the business class kits contain Le Labo products. Perhaps most notably all long haul passengers flying Delta receive an amenity kit, including coach passengers, although the separate kits for coach and Comfort+ extra legroom seats aren’t branded… but are still creative.

The airline distinguishes kits not just between business class, premium economy and coach but even between coach and “Comfort+” extra legroom seating — further delineating Comfort+, similar to United’s Economy Plus and American’s Main Cabin Extra, as though it were a separate cabin.

Business Class Tumi Amenity Kits

Delta’s new business class (“Delta One”) amenity kits contain Le Labo lotion and lip balm, a Tumi sleep mask, hand cleanser and mouthwash, a dental kit and socks. Le Labo, which I first got to know staying in Park Hyatt hotels, replaces Kiehls for branded product amenities.

Delta points out that the new Tumi kits lack a plastic wrapper, which the airline says saves “30,951 pounds of plastic” per year.

The Tumi bags themselves really don’t seem special to me. I liked the old Tumi ‘suitcase’ cases, but these are just zipper pouches which seem relatively generic. I far prefer the new American Airlines ThisIsGround bags and see the Delta Tumi bags on par with United’s new Spider-Man kits.

Business class receives Le Labo lotion and lip balm, but it’s the only two items branded by that provider. I do like Le Labo over skin care providers American and United are using, but feel they could offer more premium branded items.

Indeed while I like that they’ve included a pen (for arrival forms) and mouthwash I feel that the business kits could be more copious. I’d like to see a comb and tissues included too.

The business bags contain suggestions of how you might take them away and re-purpose them after a flight.

I still use a first class ANA kit from 2016 as my shaving bag. It’s getting tattered but I’ve never found one quite as perfect for my razor, my electric toothbrush, and some allergy meds. Not only then are they a reminder of the flight, but a cool giveaway that leads to telling stories about the flight and airline to loved ones, spreading the word about the product and reinforcing positive emotions about the airline.

Premium Economy Tumi Amenity Kits

Delta’s premium economy (“Premium Select”) amenity kits contain Malin+Goetz lip moisterizer, sleep mask, socks, dental kit, and a wet nap.

Those items are in a slightly smaller Tumi bad than the one offered to business class customers, and like the business kit they have suggestions on how you can re-purpose the bag.

Economy Class and ‘Comfort+’ Amenity Kits

I learned in April that Delta provides ear plugs and eye shades to long haul economy passengers in addition to blankets. The economy kit also comes with a wet nap.

Little touches of humanity go a long way in economy, and notably Delta’s Boeing 777s offer 9-abreast seating in back while American, Delta, Emirates and now even Cathay Pacific squeeze in 10-across on that aircraft.

There’s a separate Comfort+ (extra legroom coach) kit that also has a toothbrush and toothpaste in it. Both kits come in resealable bags. These packages are designed with real customer photos that were tagged with #SkyMilesLife.

Delta sent me these kits unsolicited, and like other amenity kits I’ve been sent by airlines I’ll give these away – so that my storage room full of airline ‘stuff’ doesn’t spread beyond just a single room.

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  1. […] I’ve fallen in love with some first class amenity kits over time, from Singapore Airlines to Asiana to Thai Airways. Business class amenity kits are usually far more pedestrian, from the bags themselves to their contents. Still, there are sometimes kits which are quite fun. Before the pandemic, when Delta was more of a premium airline inflight, their last amenity kit was Tumi with a couple of Le Labo items inside. […]


  1. @ Gary — Those business class kits certainly look like an “enhancement” (for the worse…).

  2. funny to me that Delta ONE gets crest and coach gets Colgate. You’d think streamlined procurement would pick one or the other, haha

  3. The best one which I still use is the Bulgari from Emirates first. Even CX’s Aseop and SQ’s Givenchy can’t seem to replace Emirates Bulgari in terms of space and usefulness. The amenity kits given by the US carriers, well said Gene…

  4. @Gavin – in fairness these are business class amenities not first class amenities, Delta does not offer a first class [American’s first class amenity kit is nothing like what you receive from SQ or Emirates, natch].

  5. @Gene,
    You are right. These bags are a real downgrade form the previous Tumi bags and cases. I have one or more of all the Tumi kits from the last 5 years. The older ones were actually pretty nice bags for plugs and chargers, etc. These just look very chintzy….

  6. I have never heard of this brand of lip balm, but anything other than Kiehl’s #1 is an abomination.

  7. I may be in the minority in stating that I like this kit. I am very familiar with Le Labo as I have been wearing their Rose 31 fragrance for almost a decade. I do appreciate that the bag doubles as a small tablet holder.

    And yes, the new AA amenity kits are pretty good too.

  8. I am still using an old LH First Class Rimowa small valise amenity case. Nothing beats that! I think the worst First Class offering is the current cheap plastic BA kit.

  9. They must still have lots of the older Tumi kits. I just got off an ATL-FRA flight in Delta One, and I got the old kit. The lip balm is (MALIN+GOETZ). If you had photo uploads, I would show you.

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