Inside Sheldon Adelson’s Private Jet, Transporting a Recovered COVID Patient To Israel

Israel is an important place for many religions. Some evangelicals believe that the return of Jews to their homeland is part of bringing about the End Times. Many Jews want to be buried in Israel. In the Old Testament Israelites carried Joseph’s bones out of Egypt so that he could be buried in the Promised Land. And some believe being buried there means that your future generations may choose to live there.

With much commercial aviation at a stand still, it’s become difficult to return to Israel. And a surprising number of Jews are chartering planes so that people can be buried there. While United is still flying Newark-Tel Aviv they are no longer accepting caskets for shipment.

Commercial travel is also not possible for those recovering from grave illness. But when Eli Beer, the President of United Hatzalah (a free emergency medical services non-profit based in Jerusalem) sought to return home to Israel after recovering from COVID-19 in Miami, he had the help of Sheldon Adelson, the CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

Beer’s story also gives us a glimpse into one of Sheldon Adelson’s private jets.

The coronavirus pandemic has trapped loved ones across borders from each other and kept people from worshipping in the manner their religion calls for. It’s taking an incredible toll both on those sick from the virus, and those losing their life’s work in the shutdown. We can all long for the day when we can again travel freely and connect with each other – and celebrate each time someone recovers and can travel home.

(HT: David H.)

Update: A reader who was the medic on the flight writes, “You should acknowledge Miami Hatzalah as well since they handled all logistics from the American side” and shared several additional photos include:

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  1. There is a roughly 12 minute Ted Talk from 2013 that Eli Beer gave talking about how/why United Hatzalah was founded/created. The organization originally started in a Jewish community and then expanded to Arab neighborhoods. Incredible story of what can be accomplished when people work together.

  2. That’s Adelson’s small private jet. His primary aircraft is an A340-500. Sam Chui has a YouTube video of the interior of the aircraft. You can also see photos at the website for Citadel Completions.

  3. @Gary RE: @Porkins

    Because corrupt tax provision in the CARES Act gave the wealthiest Americans (including the likes of Adelson) a massive giveaway, $195 billion. These reverse-Robin Hood provisions are nearly twice the $100 billion Congress provided to American hospitals and far more than the $150 billion going to state and local governments already buckling under the weight of the crisis. This is by far the biggest transfer of wealth in US history from taxpayers to our Oligarchs!

  4. The Adelsons give millions of dollars to the non-profit, Magen David Adom. It’s Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service that serves and supports ALL citizens in Israel regardless of religion, race or need.

  5. @Kalboz – I think the (wholly unnecessary) $1.5T tax cut to corporations and wealthiest 1% is probably the biggest giveaway actually. #DumpTrump

  6. @Porkins So your argument is that “the likes” of Adelson got bailout money. Well, “the likes” of people like you spread lies and innuendo, so obviously YOU must spread lies and innuendo. You know, because “the likes” of people like you do that.

  7. Chris@Oak

    All the Adelsons’ non-profit contribution is tax-deductible including what they give which is part of the total US $12 billion per annum wealth transfer to Israel. Google “Noam Chomsky and Israel Shahak on Jewish Fundamentalism Part 2 of 2” on Youtube and watch at minute 5:00.

    @UA-NYC – you are correct! $1.5T tRump tax giveaway to corporations and wealthiest 1% along with TARP and this “CARES” Act stand as the biggest transfers of wealth in US history from taxpayers to our Oligarchs!

  8. From Politico:
    “Casinos pushed for provisions to make sure they wouldn’t be blocked from federal aid. They’re allowed to apply for portions of the $350 billion in Small Business Administration loans if they’re a small business and need less than $10 million. Larger casinos can apply for $454 billion in loans backed by Treasury.”

    Adelson lobbied heavily for the casino pork in CARES

  9. Gary, don’t want to be a pedant, but your use of “a stand still” seems deliberate. It’s “a standstill”, a compound word.

  10. Casinos need a bailout? Geez, then I do too. As you know, chump helps those that contribute to his re-election campaign. Contributors don’t forget to kiss his ring or you may miss the bailout provisions.

  11. “Government subsidies for casinos doesn’t mean that this flight was subsidized.”

    Really? When someone like Adelson who constantly finds ways to avoid taxes and then wants bailout money is not conning the American people! Come on, Adelson is just another grifter like Trump! There isn’t an honest bone in Adelson’s body! Adelson is a despicable person who has supported Trump as if he was the 2nd coming of Christ! CASE CLOSED!

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